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tom holland spider-man

Superhero Masks Don’t Make Sense Anymore

A common thread in superhero movies is the fact that many of them wear masks to conceal their “secret identities.” …

2 weeks ago

edward norton feature

Edward Norton Created An MCU Rule For Marvel Moving Forward

Iron Man and Edward Norton’s The Incredible Hulk may have both come out the same year, but Iron Man will …

4 weeks ago

Deadpool Making Fun Of Marvel Won’t Save Your Cinematic Universe, Disney

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a dominant force in filmmaking since Iron Man hit screens in 2008. But as the years …

1 month ago

marvel zombies canceled

Marvel Empire Finally Falling, The Future Of Blockbusters Looks Grim

Just five years ago we all thought that the Marvel Cinematic Universe could do no wrong, and they had the …

1 month ago

Marvel Cannibal Heroes The MCU Will Never Adapt

The MCU has come a long way since the relatively grounded days of Iron Man (2008). Who would have thought …

1 month ago

marvel morbius

The Marvel Series That Deserves A Revival, Creator Agrees

With the ‘90s now distant enough to be considered retro, people who grew up during that decade have quite a …

2 months ago

The Movie Star Worth $30 Billion Is Not Who Anyone Expects

One would assume that the highest-grossing movies, such as Avatar, Avengers: Endgame, or Star Wars: The Force Awakens, would feature …

3 months ago

James Gunn, Marvel, DC

The Only Way To Save Marvel And DC Movies

Superhero fatigue is real and getting worse by the day. With Marvel and DC suffering in the theater, something has …

3 months ago

doctor strange 2

Marvel Needs To Steal DC’s Best Movie Idea

After years of dominating the box office, the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems like it has run out of steam: as …

3 months ago

marvel morbius

The Marvel Director That Promised Never To Direct The MCU Again

Jon Favreau has become something of a flagship filmmaker with Disney, helming such big-budget classics as 2019’s Lion King, 2016’s …

4 months ago

robert downey jr.

Robert Downey Jr. Is Never Returning To Marvel

We all knew it was true but we never wanted to admit it. Unfortunately, Kevin Feige has confirmed it for …

5 months ago

Iron Man’s Best Armor Is Absolutely Useless

The very first live-action screen appearance of Iron Man’s fan-favorite Hulkbuster armor proved to be one of the most anticipated …

6 months ago

Robert Downey Jr

Iron Man Makes Crazy Magic Armor To Kill A God

Iron Man and Thor had one of the MCU’s very first hero vs. hero throwdowns in 2012’s Avengers, but they’ve …

6 months ago

The Superhero Movie On Streaming That Divided An Entire Fandom 

Iron Man will forever be a beloved entry to the MCU. It’s just a good movie, even outside of the …

7 months ago

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Mad Fans Want Her To Return To Marvel

In a recent Q&A on her personal Instagram stories, Gwyneth Paltrow explained why she has not returned to the MCU. …

8 months ago

the illuminati, marvel

The Illuminati of Marvel: Who They Are And Why They Matter

When the Illuminati first appeared in the Marvel film Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, it was difficult to …

8 months ago

hugh jackman wolverine

The X-Men And Wolverine Anime Series That Are Almost Impossible To Watch

The Marvel Anime series was a collaborative project between Marvel Entertainment and Japanese animation studio Madhouse. The project aimed to …

8 months ago

Timothy Olyphant Lost Out On Playing Marvel’s Best Avenger

Timothy Olyphant has had a remarkable career after starring in his own FX TV series and playing a villain against …

9 months ago

arc reactor

Robert Downey Jr. Says Marvel Is Making Him A Worse Actor

As Robert Downey Jr.’s latest movie, Oppenheimer, gets ready to hit theaters, he sat down for an interview with The …

10 months ago

tom cruise top gun 3

See Tom Cruise Become Iron Man In Armor Wars Video

Tom Cruise is Tony Stark in a fan-made deepfake video focusing on Armor Wars.

11 months ago

ai joker

Robert Downey Jr. Almost Played Marvel’s Biggest Villain

Robert Downey Jr. was originally sought after to play Doctor Doom in the 2005 Fantastic Four film.

11 months ago

Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man Deleted Scenes Are Being Kept Secret By Marvel, Here’s Why

Kevin Feige says that deleted scenes from the first Iron Man movie showcasing Robert Downey Jr. doing laundry will never be released.

12 months ago

arc reactor

How Does Iron Man’s Arc Reactor Work?

Iron Man’s Arc Reactor is the source of his power and we’re breaking down how it works.

12 months ago

These Are Marvel’s 10 Worst Movies, According To The Numbers

With all the movies the MCU has made, some were bound to be duds; these are the worst Marvel movies made (so far).

1 year ago

iron man jeff bridges

The First Marvel Movie Had The Best Easter Egg Ever

In Iron Man, Jeff Bridges played a piano piece by Antonio Salieri to reveal he was Iron Man’s secret enemy.

1 year ago

robert downey jr marvel

Robert Downey Jr. Should Stay Away From Marvel

Robert Downey Jr. returning to Marvel would be admitting his career needs the franchise, the franchise can’t go on without him, and that his character’s death ultimately meant nothing.

1 year ago

tom cruise marvel

Tom Cruise Becomes Tony Stark In Stunning Armor Wars Video

A YouTube video using deepfake technology superimposed Tom Cruise’s face onto Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man scenes.

1 year ago

Ironheart Black Panther 2

See Ironheart Recreate An Iconic Iron Man Moment

A deleted Black Panther 2 scene had Ironheart build a suit in a cave, much like Tony Stark in the first Iron Man.

1 year ago

jonathan majors

Jonathan Majors Based Kang On The Best Marvel Hero

Jonathan Majors revealed he based Kang on Iron Man, as he is the most important superhero.

1 year ago

robert downey jr iron man

The Back-Up Plan For Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man Was Wild And Crazy

Robert Downey Jr revealed studio executives thought Iron Man was destined to be a flop and would be treated as a “tax write-off.”

1 year ago