The Marvel Series That Deserves A Revival, Creator Agrees

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With the ‘90s now distant enough to be considered retro, people who grew up during that decade have quite a bit of nostalgia for those days when everything felt simpler. It is becoming more common for media from the ‘90s to get reboots, remakes, and sequels to capitalize on dormant fandoms. The head writer behind the classic ‘90s cartoon Spider-Man: The Animated Series says he would absolutely be on board to revive the series.

The Series Head Writer Is On Board

John Semper Jr. was the cartoon’s head writer and producer. When questioned on X/Twitter about his interest in doing a Spider-Man ’98 revival, Semper Jr. said, “All they have to do is call me. I’m here, and I’d certainly consider doing it.”

That is about as straightforward as you could possibly ask for. And with Spider-Man’s enduring popularity as one of Marvel’s top heroes, surely a revival of Spider-Man: The Animated Series would not be considered much of a risk.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series Ended On A Cliffhanger

It is certainly not a crazy concept, as we’re about to see the exact same thing happen with X-Men ’97, a revival of X-Men: The Animated Series, which was frequently part of the same Saturday morning cartoon block as Spider-Man: The Animated Series. The latter series ended on a pretty major cliffhanger, so fans revisiting the show or watching for the first time currently do not even have a satisfying ending.

There would no doubt be plenty of viewers happy to see the cartoon get at least one more season to officially wrap things up, so why not make it happen?

Why We Love Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Many still have fond memories of Spider-Man: The Animated Series as it tackled so many classic storylines from the comic books. This includes Spidey’s tangles with the Osborn family, teaming with Blade to fight the living vampire Morbius, forming an alliance with the likes of the Fantastic Four in the Secret Wars, and getting help from Iron Man and War Machine to battle Venom and Carnage.

In fact, you could even argue the cartoon was influential in some of its own ways, with Semper Jr. feeling the cartoon’s final story arc likely inspired Into the Spider-Verse and Across the Spider-Verse. The cartoon similarly had Spider-Man from multiple different universes banding together for a threat that endangered all of their worlds.

The ’90s Series Crossover

With X-Men ’97‘s upcoming arrival, it canonically makes sense for both cartoons to do the Spider-Man revival as well. Spider-Man: The Animated Series had a crossover storyline with the X-Men cartoon, so each show’s characters officially exist in the other show.

One Of The Best

While many more Spider-Man cartoons have come and gone both before and after Spider-Man: The Animated Series, this version is still regarded as one of the best that have been made. And with how much Spider-Man lore has been added to the character since then in the comics, games, and movies, there are so many more incredible storylines the cartoon could pull from.

There is no official word on a revival as of yet, but the fact that the head writer is game to pick up where he left off sounds like some great groundwork for this to become a reality at some point.

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