The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: See The Longer Trailer

Disney+ will be handling Marvel’s small screen adventures and fans are licking their chops for the premiere of the first series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

By Rick Gonzales

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falcon and the winter soldier

When Marvel Studios announced Phase 4 of their universe, there were a couple things of note. Absent was the big Avengers-type movie. Gone is the team-up movie and in its place are a bunch of solo movies. Another, perhaps more telling, change is that a lot of Phase 4 will be seen on the small screen. Disney+ will be handling Marvel’s small screen adventures and fans are licking their chops for the premiere of the first series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

We have some time before the show’s first episode premieres but slowly details have been leaking out about what Marvel has planned. Here’s everything we know about The Falcon and The Winter Soldier… so far.

Falcon & The Winter Soldier Promotion

The first full-length Falcon & The Winter Soldier trailer debuted during the Super Bowl as a 30-second spot. But there’s a longer, full version of the trailer and here it is…


Anthony Mackie returns as the Falcon. The big question is: what will he be wearing? The last time we saw Sam Wilson it was at the end of Avengers: Endgame and he was having a conversation with an aged Captain America. It was during this conversation that Cap presented Sam with his shield. Sam was reluctant at first but ultimately accepted the honor. So, is Sam the new Captain America? Or will he still be the Falcon?

We can confirm that he will be using Captain America’s shield… a lot. Talking to Anthony Mackie says, “That thing is heavy dude. That thing is like 12 pounds. So you’re standing there with 12 pounds on your arm all day after a while your shoulder just gives. So, we have some pretty cool shield throwing sequences.

So he’s definitely keeping the shield and using it. Does that mean he’s actually the new Captain America? Yes it does.

Talking to ScreenRant Mackie went on to confirm that he will, indeed, become the new Captain America. He says, “It is monumental man. I mean… to have Marvel select a young black man in America to represent the moniker of Captain America is is unprecedented. There’s nothing that can compare to that. There’s – it… it moves me not only that my kids get to see a black man as Captain America, but all of their friends white, black, Latino, and Asia can see a black man as Captain America.”

Falcon and the Winter Soldier poster

If we’re going by looks, the first poster (above) released shows Sam Wilson wearing a whole bunch of red, white and blue. Is that a shield on his back? You can see Falcon flying in the background, but he is flying through something which looks a lot like Captain America’s shield. Falcon is Captain America.

Falcon's new costume
Sam Wilson in Falcon and the Winter Soldier Concept Art

Disney+ also fueled the fire by releasing the concept art of Mackie in his new costume (pictured above). This view from the front shows Mackie outfitted like Falcon but with red, white and blue colors.


Sebastian Stan is back to reprise his role as the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes. Also seen last in Avengers: Endgame, Bucky was part of that final conversation between Captain America and Sam. It was with Bucky’s urging that Sam reluctantly took the shield. What is Bucky’s role as the series debuts?

What we do know is this: Bucky will be dealing with the fall out of not having his best buddy, Steve Rogers. Bucky and Sam have a long road ahead of them. Someone has to fill Captain America’s shoes.

Winter Soldier's new costume
Bucky Barnes in Falcon and the Winter Soldier Concept Art

As with Mackie’s Falcon, the Winter Soldier will also be sporting some new duds. The official concept art above shows Bucky in a suit honoring Cap.


After the exciting announcement that Mackie and Stan were reprising their roles, the next question was who’d be joining them? It didn’t take long for Marvel president Kevin Feige to drop those bombshells.

Falcon and Winter Soldier's enemy Baron Zemo
Baron Zemo in Falcon and the Winter Soldier Concept Art

During the San Diego Comic-Con, Feige announced that Baron Helmut Zemo, Daniel Brühl, would be back as the main baddie. Zemo, if you recall, was the mastermind terrorist who caused the rift between Captain America and Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War.

Sharon Carter concept in Falcon
Sharon Carter in Falcon and the Winter Soldier Concept Art

Later, at the D23 Expo, Feige was on hand to announce that Emily VanCamp will also be back as SHIELD Agent Sharon Carter, grandniece of Peggy Carter. VanCamp, like Brühl, made her presence felt in Civil War.

US Agent concept art
U.S. Agent in Falcon and the Winter Soldier Concept Art

But Feige wasn’t done with cast announcements. Last but not least, Feige brought out Wyatt Russell (Overlord) and told the audience that he will be portraying John Walker. This character may or may not be familiar to some. In the comics, John Walker was the superhero Super-Patriot (now known as U.S. Agent), a version of Captain America who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

Deadline reports that actor Carl Lumbly has been added to the cast. The 68-year-old has been working as a prolific character actor since the seventies. He was last seen in the movie Doctor Sleep. Word is that he’ll have a very special role in the film as the first black Captain America.

In Marvel lore the first black Captain America was named Isaiah Bradley and he was experimented on during World War II using the same process as the one used on Steve Rogers. In fact he was one of several hundred black soldiers who underwent the process. By the time the war was over, he was the only one to survive. His role in the war was kept a secret and in the comics, it’s Steve who helps reveal the truth and give him the honor he deserves.

The New Captain America

New photos from the set seem to confirm that Falcon & The Winter Soldier will follow John Wyatt’s character arc from the comics, with him becoming the new Captain America before turning into U.S. Agent… which will then allow Anthony Mackie to be Captain America. Here’s the photos showing him in full Captain America garb, complete with Cap’s shield…

It will be interesting to see what role Super-Patriot/U.S. Agent takes because in the comics he was at constant opposition to Captain America. With Steve Rogers no longer in the picture, we can only speculate how Falcon and the Winter Soldier will deal with him.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier’s Story

The details of the plot are shrouded in mystery. What we know for sure is that the series will be comprised of six one-hour episodes. There is no further commitment at this time. The six episodes will not be released all at once, sorry bingers, but as they’ve done with The Mandalorian, episodes will be released weekly.

Falcon gets Captain America's shield
Captain America gives Falcon his shield in Avengers: Endgame

The story is set in the aftermath of Endgame and Captain America handing his shield to Stan. Moving forward will be tough for both Stan and Bucky. Given six episodes we are sure to see the series dig deep into both of these characters. As for the Baron, when he was seen in Civil War, it was noticed that he didn’t have his traditional comic book look. Well back in July, Brühl posted a couple of pictures of himself wearing an outfit and mask reminiscent to the one he wore in the comics.

John Walker

The big unknown is John Walker’s presence. Based on this photo from the set, it looks like he’ll be the new Captain America, at least for a time…

This gives us an indication that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is going to follow the comics more closely. The concept posters also John Walker dressed in a similar costume as Captain America. This fits the comic’s Super Patriot narrative.

With the series scheduled for only six episodes, Emmy nominated Kari Skogland (Handmaid’s Tale, Nos4A2) has been tabbed to direct each entry. When asked about the series only being six episodes, Skogland offered this to TV Guide, “I think anything with Marvel, they take it a piece at a time. And they are very story focused. So if it makes sense for a story, they will do it, and if not, they won’t,” said Skogland. “I have no idea what will be next, and I’m sure they would probably say the same thing. It’s like, we’re really working on this right now, with an all-hands-on-deck effort to make it the best it can possibly be. And then of course I hope [we can do more], but [there’s] no word.” Regardless, the series should be in great hands with Skogland.

Malcolm Spellman (Empire) was hired to write The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and offered his take on what the tone of the show might be. He compared it to movies like Lethal Weapon, 48 Hrs, Bad Boys and even Beverly Hills Cop. He told TV Guide, “All those great two-handers, we literally posted them up on the wall. They all come into a funnel, and probably Lethal Weapon is the closest.”

Falcon And Winter Soldier Rumors

During a Disney+ panel, it was said that the costume Sam Wilson is wearing in the poster is linked to a storyline in the comics. After Steve Rogers’ death, Sam must fight for the title of Captain America. What makes this idea more real is the hiring of Wyatt Russell to portray U.S. Agent. This storyline would fit perfect in a six-episode arc.

Bucky Barnes and his new outfit: While it looks similar to his Avengers: Infinity War costume, it also bears a resemblance to his 1940’s Howling Commandos uni. It will be interesting to see the real deal and how close it comes to the concept art.

Bad news ladies, hope you’re sitting for this. Bucky cuts his locks off. Again, if concept art holds true, Bucky goes back to the clipped look of his military days. Mackie and Stan were in an interview with TV Guide and Mackie offered this observation, “We had to cut it,” Mackie joked. “No respectable man wears that hair.” Seems he could be telling the truth, director Skogland also told TV Guide, “Expect the unexpected, that’s all I can say.” Sad times ahead.

Could there be a new Bucky on the horizon? Those of you who know the Captain America comics may recognize the name Lemar Hoskins. He became the Super-Patriot’s right-hand man and was one of the five Bold Urban Commando’s (BUCy’s). When Super-Patriot took over for Captain America, he brought Lemar with him. The reason for this explanation is because while filming the series in Atlanta, Georgia, a fan noticed a mock storefront that was labeled Hoskins Family Flowers Shop. This could indicate that Super-Patriot may be taking on another version of Bucky.

Bringing Back Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers
Elderly Steve Rogers in Avengers: Endgame

Is the real Cap coming back? Last we saw of Steve Rogers he was a very old and very happy man. He got to live the life he wanted with the woman he loved. So it’s unlikely we’ll see him back Captain America. But Steve Rogers could appear in Falcon The Winter Soldier out of uniform.

Rumor has it that Chris Evans is currently in talks with Marvel to return as Steve Rogers in season 2 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Reportedly Sam will take up the mantle of Captain America in season 2, and when he starts struggling under the pressure of carrying the shield, he’ll turn to his old friend Steve to get some advice.

In the past Chris Evans has sounded pretty done with playing Steve Rogers. He said to ET, “There were a million ways my tenure with Marvel could have gone wrong and it didn’t, so to stick the landing so well, it would be a shame to kind of revisit unless there was something unique that we felt the need to reveal. For now, it just feels like, ‘Let’s be content with how well it ended.’”

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Spoilers

Winter Soldier

Read no further if you don’t want to know! Possible spoilers ahead….

Word is that Marvel has a plan to kill off one of the original Avengers characters. The target they have in mind is none other than the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes.

Technically Sebastian Stan has a few films left on his contract with Marvel, but it doesn’t seem like Winter Soldier really figures into any of their future movie plans. So reportedly, they’re planning to kill Bucky off in season two of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The scuttlebutt is that he’ll meet his end at the hands of the evil Baron Zemo, who figures to be the main antagonist of the Falcon and Winter Soldier series.

Given the fact that we know the plan is for Falcon to eventually become the new Captain America, it makes a certain amount of sense for them to end the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series after two seasons. By then Falcon will be ready to transition into becoming Captain America and, most likely, Marvel is hoping to push him into feature films where he won’t be paired with Bucky Barnes anymore. Might as well let Bucky go out with a bang.

Sebastian Stan Controversy

A campaign to cancel Sebastian Stan and get him fired by Marvel has blown up on Twitter after photos of his girlfriend dressed as a geisha girl for an “Asian Night” theme party were uncovered. Here’s the photo…

The photo is 2-years-old and was not posted by either the Falcon and the Winter Soldier star or his girlfriend Alejandra Onieva. It’s basically little more than a photo of her wearing a Kimono, something which probably wouldn’t have raised eyebrows 2 years ago when she did it, but which is now widely considered racist due to our newly installed cultural norms.

As a result #sebastianstanisoverparty is now trending on Twitter with people leaving messages like these…

A few people have tried to leap to Stan’s defense but they’ve been shouted down by posts like this…

So far there’s been no comment from either Sebastian Stan, his PR team, or Marvel. Likely they’re hoping that if they ignore the situation it’ll just go away. It’s a strategy that sometimes works in these situations and sometimes makes them blow up even bigger.


During a conference call with investors, Disney head Bob Iger originally announced that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would debut on Disney Plus in August of 2020. That changed and now it has been delayed. Now the series will premiere on Disney Plus on March 19.

The delay was because Disney cancelled the released of the movie Black Widow, due to Coronavirus shutdowns. So delaying Black Widow means Disney had to delay all the other Marvel movies and television shows that were supposed to come after it.

Falcon & The Winter Soldier was the next big Marvel project coming after Black Widow, which means it was the first thing delayed.