Another DC Star Getting Recast As Major Hero?

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

aldis hodge

Aldis Hodge, who played Hawkman in 2022’s Black Adam, would love to play John Stewart/Green Lantern if reprising his former role is no longer an option. “I mean, look, I’m open for whatever,” Hodge explained in a recent interview. “I would love to live out the rest of the legacy of Hawkman because we had some amazing plans for him. But also with John Stewart in sort of a live-action capacity.”

Hodge’s Childhood Dream

aldis hodge

“I mean, I’ve voiced John Stewart in the animated space for years now. Few years. Phil LaMarr passed the baton. Shout out to Phil because I’m a big fan of his work,” Aldis Hodge continued. “But if that became a film adaptation, absolutely. I mean, that was one of my dreams growing up was to be John Stewart in live action. So yeah.”

He’s Voiced The Fan-Favorite Hero

aldis hodge

Aldis Hodge previously voiced the DC character in the animated movie Green Lantern: Beware My Power. He went on to reprise the role in Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths – Part One in 2023. The actor is expected to reprise the voice role in the upcoming sequels.While the DC Extended Universe did not explore the Green Lantern mythos, the DC Universe will feature the cosmic superheroes.


While Aldis Hodge’s future remains unknown, Nathan Fillion has already been cast as Guy Gardner/Green Lantern in Superman: Legacy. James Gunn is actively working on the Max series Lanterns, where Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart will take center stage in a story described as a “True Detective-type mystery,” unraveling an “ancient horror on Earth.


One prominent DC figure with links to the Lanterns who could appear in the DC Universe is Lobo. He made his comic book debut as a recurring character in Keith Giffen and Roger Slifer’s spin-off series from Green Lantern and Teen Titans, titled The Omega Men. During this period, he portrayed a Velorpian survivor, with his entire race annihilated by the Psions.

Jason Momoa

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Like Aldis Hodge with the Lanterns, Jason Momoa has made his desire to play Lobo known. The actor previously shared his vision for the character, highlighting the necessity of incorporating Lobo’s iconic chain and hook into the character’s design. Momoa also hinted at the inclusion of some custom pieces to make the character uniquely his own.

Speculation about Momoa stepping into the role of Lobo began circulating in 2022, following meetings with DC Studios CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran. The discussions centered around an undisclosed passion project that Momoa eagerly supports. After the disappointing test screenings of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Momoa described Lobo as the “perfect role.


Aldis Hodge and Momoa could eventually appear in the same Lanterns project. In the Injustice comic series, Lobo becomes a Green Lantern in a story that finds the Green Lantern Corps in desperate need of new members. Lobo is given a Green Lantern ring to help in a battle against the Red Lanterns. He uses it to create unconventional constructs to distract and fight the Red Lantern leader, Atrocitus.


aldis hodge

Aldis Hodge’s other work includes Marmalade, a romantic heist film directed by Keir O’Donnell. Released on February 9, the story follows a naive man named Baron who is caught robbing a bank. There, he meets a seasoned criminal named Otis (Hodge), who he tells about his pink-haired love, Marmalade. Baron eventually convinces Otis to help him escape.


aldis hodge

Aldis Hodge will also appear in Parallel, a sci-fi thriller he co-wrote with his brother Edwin Hodge and Jonathan Keasey. The film explores mysterious parallel spaces, offering a unique twist on the genre. Parallel is scheduled for release on February 23.