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See The Change The Batman Part II Is Making To Fix Robert Pattinson

With DC Studios kicking itself into overdrive following a lackluster year that’s seen box office flop after box office flop, …

6 months ago

The Best Superhero Origin Movie Ever Is Streaming On Netflix

In a landscape saturated with superhero flicks, there emerges a beacon of ingenuity and raw narrative power that arguably set …

6 months ago

michael keaton

James Gunn Deleting Social Media Accounts Because Of Horrible Batman Takes

Opinions about anything can become a double-edged sword for celebrities. This is especially true for James Gunn, the co-CEO of …

6 months ago

the flash 2

Ezra Miller Needed CGI For Awkward Body Part In The Flash

DC might want to change the Flash’s nickname to The Flattest Man Alive. An X (formerly known as Twitter) account, …

6 months ago

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe Shows He’s Ready To Play X-Men’s New Wolverine

Ever since the X-Men film rights returned to Marvel, Daniel Radcliffe has been a fan-favorite to play Wolverine. While some …

6 months ago

joker 2

The Jokers Ranked: Best Of Batman’s Biggest Villain

Inspired by the 1928 film The Man Who Laughs, the Joker is the greatest villain, not only of Batman, but …

6 months ago

pushing daisies

Marvel Star Has The Worst Power In This Bizarre Comedy Series Now Streaming

Lee Pace, known among MCU fans as Ronan the Accuser, a radical Kree warlord, starred in a number of films …

6 months ago

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie Is On Pace To Blow Away DC And Marvel

Taylor Swift is taking over the world. It’s been a record-breaking year for the “Anti-Hero” singer, but she isn’t even …

6 months ago

marvel agatha

Marvel Delays Every Upcoming Disney+ Series With One Exception

2023 has been a highly tumultuous year for the film and television industry, leaving many studios to scramble in order …

6 months ago

See The X-Men Spinoff Movie Disney Refuses To Acknowledge

In 1996, Fox made a superhero movie before it was cool. That movie was Generation X, a made-for-TV film adaptation …

6 months ago


The Most Surprising Things About Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters

One of the chief features of Spider-Man is his amazing web-shooters that let him swing through the air and catch …

6 months ago

josh hartnett

Our Josh Hartnett Doctor Doom Scoop Confirmed

We were the first to let you know yesterday in our exclusive report that Josh Hartnett (30 Days of Night) …

6 months ago

vision quest

Marvel’s Vision Quest: WandaVision 2 Or A Big Disappointment To Fans?

He was called the most powerful Avenger when he was introduced to the MCU in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, …

6 months ago

secret invasion season 2

Secret Invasion Season 2: Disney Is Leaving You In The Lurch

*Secret Invasion spoilers ahead* After years of hype, Secret Invasion was finally released, giving Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury his …

6 months ago

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Mad Fans Want Her To Return To Marvel

In a recent Q&A on her personal Instagram stories, Gwyneth Paltrow explained why she has not returned to the MCU. …

6 months ago

DC Loses Shocking Amount Of Money From Its Terrible Movies

DC needs a hero to save it from its most dastardly villain, its archnemesis, the one hellbent on ruining the …

6 months ago

spider-man 2 netflix

The Marvel Superhero Spectacular On Netflix That’s Still The Best Ever

Long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe set the industry standard for modern superhero films, Sam Raimi crafted a trilogy of …

6 months ago

The Flash Finally Finds An Audience Now That It’s Streaming

When Andrés Muschietti’s The Flash first premiered back in June, the film failed to garner the necessary fanship required to …

6 months ago

The Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix Is Marvel Hero’s Darkest Movie

Chris Evans may be best known as Captain America in the MCU, but amidst his MCU tenure, he starred in …

6 months ago

chris evans

Chris Evans Teams With Dakota Fanning In Underrated Superhero Movie On Streaming

Though we are mostly familiar with Chris Evans’ amazing portrayal of Captain America in the MCU, it’s worth noting that …

6 months ago

My Adventures With Superman

DC Superman Series Changes Lois Lane’s Race

Per a post on X (formerly Twitter) from series writer and producer Josie Campbell, Lois Lane is officially a Korean-American …

6 months ago

The Best Vampire Action Franchise Is Coming To Streaming

The beloved Wesley Snipes Blade trilogy will soon be calling Max its new streaming home. All three films will be …

6 months ago

marvel's avengers

Marvel’s Worst Movie Originally Looked Completely Different

Marvel’s Eternals was widely criticized by audiences, though some parts of the movie got fans excited or that they found …

6 months ago

suicide squad

James Gunn’s Suicide Squad Would Be Better As A Series

In spite of being one of the heads of DC Studios — except for upcoming spinoffs like Peacemaker Season 2 …

6 months ago

christian bale star wars

The Greatest Superhero Trilogy Ever Is Returning To Theaters

With Christopher Nolan burning up the box office with his latest mega-feature, Oppenheimer, there’s never been a better time for …

6 months ago

sleight movie

The Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix That Feels Like A Marvel Movie

With the constant steady flow of Marvel movies that we’ve seen since the MCU kicked off in 2008, one of …

6 months ago

hulk wolverine

Marvel’s Biggest Superhero Rivalry Doesn’t Make Sense And Never Has

For decades, Marvel Comics has been making bank off the rivalry between the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine of the X-Men. …

6 months ago


Disney Is Getting Ready To Replace The Avengers With The X-Men

The X-Men could be on the brink of reclaiming their position as the most prominent franchise in Marvel’s comic book …

6 months ago

jonathan majors

Disney Live-Action Remake With Marvel Star In The Works

It would seem that Disney is hellbent on making live-action remakes of its animated hits we all enjoyed as kids, …

6 months ago

tom welling smallville

See Tom Welling’s Superman In The Arrowverse

While the Arrowverse crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths saw the return of Tom Welling’s Clark Kent and Erica Durance’s …

6 months ago