New Netflix Thriller Reunites Ben Affleck And Matt Damon

By Britta DeVore | Published

Ben Affleck Matt Damon

Best bros onscreen and off, is there any Hollywood friendship purer than that of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon? The pair have been friends for decades and have collaborated on projects at every chance they’ve had with their latest team-up to come courtesy of Netflix. Next on their slate, the duo will be behind the crime thriller, Animals, with Affleck directing and Damon starring.

The Plot of Animals

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Penned by Connor McIntyre, Animals sounds to be a political thriller that will center around a mayoral candidate and his wife who find themselves in a nightmare scenario after their son is kidnapped. With enemies on every side, the couple realizes that there’s no one coming to save them and that they’ll need to take matters into their own hands to get their child back. While we know that Ben Affleck will be sitting in the director’s chair on this one, and can presume that Matt Damon will be the mayoral candidate caught up in such a difficult predicament, it’s not yet been released which female actress the team is considering for the co-leading role. 

The First After Air

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The project will be the next one in line for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon after last year’s biographical sports drama, Air, which told the story of legendary basketball player Michael Jordan’s collaboration with Nike on his line of shoes. Like Animals, Affleck directed Air with Damon starring. 

Production On Animals

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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will also serve as producers for Animals, which is eyeing a production start date for March in Los Angeles, under their Artists Equity banner which previously backed Air and a line of commercials the pair made for their beloved Dunkin’ Donuts. They also had a hand in producing Ridley Scott’s 2021 vehicle, The Last Duel, in which both men also appeared opposite a cast that also included Adam Driver and Jodie Comer.

A Decades Long Friendship

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But Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s relationship goes back long before appearing in Ridley Scott’s period drama and even before the latter would become the face of the Bourne franchise and the latter in Marvel’s early Daredevil film. Their first major triumph would come in the form of Good Will Hunting, a project that they both penned and starred in alongside the late Robin Williams. Directed by Gus Van Sant, the pair would nab the Academy Award for Best Screenplay with Williams also taking home the bragging rights of Best Supporting Actor. 

Since then, their fates have been forever sealed together as they’ve not only supported one another but also fellow filmmaker Kevin Smith on a handful of his projects including Dogma. Through their personal ups and downs, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have always managed to find time to spend together, sneaking in a project here and there to make things even sweeter.

More To Come

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If there’s ever been a case of two pals who can’t seem to get enough of each other, it’s certainly these two. As of right now, no further details including a full cast lineup or release date have been set for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s Netflix thriller, Animals, but stay tuned for more information.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter