The Ben Affleck Memes That Everyone Can Relate To

By Rick Gonzales | Updated

ben affleck

If there has ever been a celebrity ripe for memedom, it is Ben Affleck. His personal struggles aside (which should never be joked about), Affleck has put himself in numerous dubious situations where the meme crowd has been relentless in their pursuit of truth, justice, and the American way (or something like that), and ever since his unenthusiastic appearance at this year’s Grammy’s with wife Jennifer Lopez, the Ben Affleck meme machine has been in high gear.

Not going to lie, but not all of our favorite Ben Affleck memes have to do with Ben and Jenny from the Block (you’re welcome), but she does make an appearance or two. As you will also see, the creative meme’ers also found other aspects of his life to cash in on.

So, here are our 10 favorite Ben Affleck memes.

The Best Ben Affleck Memes

Ben Affleck Meme – He’d Rather Be at Dunkin’s

We are going to start off with the latest thing that caused an uproar for Ben Affleck – his appearance with JLo at this year’s Grammy Awards. The fallout on his facial reaction to being at the award show was so intense that Affleck had to finally address it, saying he actually did have a good time at the show, contrary to video, pictures, and memes.

You’ve got to admit, he does look like he wants to be anywhere but there.

Ben Affleck Meme – After Work Party

Here is another candid picture from the 2023 Grammy Awards where JLo is getting her groove on while they are sitting at their table. Ben at least is clapping along, but that facial expression – classic Ben. It appears boredom reigns supreme, although again, he claims he is having a good time.

As the meme’er writes, Affleck looks like every husband at their wife’s after-work party. Guys, you’re just sitting there nodding your heads, aren’t you?

Ben Affleck Meme – Different Accents

One of the classic pictures of Ben Affleck is of him standing with his eyes closed, holding a cigarette by his side, with a very worn-out expression. Meme creators have taken advantage of this picture in numerous ways and this meme is no different.

It also takes a shot at Affleck and Matt Damon’s film, the Ridley Scott-directed The Last Duel. Apparently, the accents being used in the film were a bit confusing, even if the movie was a solid watch.

Ben Affleck Meme – Seriously, No One Cares

Let’s jump back to Ben and JLo for this one. True, it was a surprise to many when Ben and Jen fell back into each other’s arms, especially given the fact that Ben had been seen hanging with Ana de Armas and JLo was just coming out of her engagement to Alex Rodriguez, on top of the fact that they had their moment together many moons ago.

But fall they did and, like every other celebrity power couple, the entertainment news (ah-hem) went goo-goo over it.

There were those, apparently many as this great Ben Affleck meme shows, who simply didn’t care and quite frankly, were tired of the whole thing.

Ben Affleck – Zack Snyder Directing the Back Tattoo

First of all, what the hell is it? A dragon? A Gila Monster? Whatever it is supposed to be, it doesn’t seem to translate as well as Ben had hoped. While they don’t come straight out and say it, making the comparison to a Zack Snyder movie, can’t be a good thing, as there is a certain population of people who feel much of Snyder’s work is a mess.

Or, perhaps we reading this one wrong and the beauty of Ben Affleck’s back tattoo is rightfully so being compared to the best of Zack Snyder. You tell us.

Ben Affleck Meme – Kids, Go Figure

Ben Affleck meme

Ben Affleck times two in this meme that we are sure many fathers have felt. Here we have Affleck in his famous cigarette-holding post, but instead of being concerned about the accents in The Last Duel, he is now at his wit’s end “dealing with my kid’s shit.” His kid, which is just a mini-version of Affleck, holds the same pose, the same cigarette, and the same thought – dealing with daddy’s crud.

It should be noted, Affleck has three children with actress Jennifer Garner, whom he loves dearly. While we can’t confirm it, there may have been an instance or two in the past where Ben and either one (or all) of his children felt those same emotions.

Ben Affleck Meme – You Wore Me Out, Honey

Ben Affleck meme

See? Ben Affleck makes it very easy to go meme-crazy. Ben was taken to task by the meme community when a picture of him completely passed out while on his honeymoon with his new bride, JLo. The meme maker of this one was gentle on Ben, simply stating that mentally, she was asleep with Ben on the boat. Neither Ben nor JLo said what prompted his boat siesta, but whatever it was, he obviously needed a cat nap.

Ben Affleck Meme – Look What I Can Afford to Do

Ben Affleck meme

Must be nice to have drop-a-laptop kind of money, as this Ben Affleck meme expertly points out. Here we see Ben Affleck appearing to be in a hurry holding his laptop in a way that most of us never would, well, unless we had the financial ability to replace it at the drop of a…laptop.

It is fairly apparent in this Ben Affleck meme that he can care less if that laptop slips out of his hand. Oh to have that kind of keesh not to have a worry in the world, except from meme-makers.

Ben Affleck Meme – Armageddon Time

Ben Affleck meme

Back in the day, Ben Affleck starred as A.J. Frost in the big blockbuster Michael Bay film, Armageddon. He co-starred with Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler, who was Willis’ daughter and Affleck’s love interest. The relationship between Affleck’s Frost and Willis’ Harry Stamper was like father and son until Harry found out that A.J. was seeing his daughter.

This meme correctly shows the playful relationship between A.J. and Harry, even if the joke is a groaner.