Star Wars: One Of Marvel’s Biggest Stars Wants A Role, Any Role

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mark-ruffalo-andy-serkis-coaching-the-hulkCasting for Star Wars: Episode VII is more or less complete at this point. You would hope that, this deep into production, you have most, if not all of the key components in place. But when you take into account that there are entire generations of stars that have grown up on Star Wars, many of whom have never lived in a world without George Lucas’ far, far away galaxy, and that the franchise plans that reach out until 2020, it’s never too early to look to the future. One notable actor, is campaigning, and campaigning hard, to secure a spot on this ride.

Mark Ruffalo, yes, the Incredible Hulk himself, really, really wants to be in a Star Wars movie. This seems rather fitting, considering just the other day we heard about how Disney and Lucasfilm are borrowing storytelling and plotting strategy from Marvel, that they could borrow one of the comic book studios biggest actors (and Disney owns Marvel Studios, so I’m sure they could work out some sort of loan agreement).