Robert Pattinson Remaking One Of The Most Disturbing Horror Movies Ever

By Douglas Helm | Updated

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Robert Pattinson is on board to produce and star in an upcoming remake of the 1981 horror Possession. Smile director Parker Finn is set to direct the film and write the script. Pattinson will be producing the film through his Icki Eneo Arlo production company while Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee is also on board to produce.

1981’s Possession

Robert Pattinson’s Possession remake is currently on the market with several buyers looking to snap it up. The original film follows a spy (Sam Neill) and his wife (Isabella Adjani), who begins to act strangely after asking for a divorce. When he starts to investigate his wife’s infidelity, he uncovers a much more horrific secret that she’s been hiding.

While the details of Robert Pattinson’s Possession remake are scarce at this time, it seems likely that he would be taking on the Sam Neill role if the movie is going to follow similar plot beats to the original. We’ll just have to wait and see to find out more about this project as more info is revealed. This also marks the second recent pickup for Pattinson’s growing production company after it was announced he was on board to produce the upcoming How to Save a Marriage with his producing partner Brighton McCloskey.

Two Major Pattinson Projects In The Works

Robert Pattinson

How to Save a Marriage is a spec that was bought at auction by Sony Pictures and Robert Pattinson’s Icki Eneo Arlo company was brought on to produce along with Geoff Shaevitz and Evan Silverberg via Entertainment 360. The plot of that film is being kept under wraps, but the script was penned by Ross Evans and the project is still in very early development.

Robert Pattinson’s production company now has two projects on the horizon with How to Save a Marriage and Possession, so it seems like he’s actively working on growing the Icki Eneo Arlo banner this year.

Rotting In The Sun

Robert Pattinson’s production company produced one film before Possession and How to Save a Marriage with 2023’s black comedy Rotting in the Sun. The film was directed, co-written by, and starred Sebastian Silva and followed a man struggling in the art world who meets a social media influencer who wants to work on a TV project together. The film was warmly received by critics and audiences, giving Pattinson’s Icki Eneo Arlo company a solid start to its filmography.

Mickey 17

In addition to Robert Pattinson producing Possession and How to Save a Marriage, the actor will be staying busy with several other projects where he’s set to star. The next project we’ll see him in is the highly-anticipated Bong Joon-Ho-directed sci-fi Mickey 17, which follows an expendable clone who is sent to an ice world to colonize it. The project is also set to star Steven Yeun, Naomi Ackie, Toni Collette, and Mark Ruffalo and is set to come out in early 2025.

The Batman Part II

Of course, we can also look forward to Pattinson returning as Batman in The Batman Part II. That film is expected to hit theaters in 2026. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated on Robert Pattinson’s upcoming Possession and his other projects.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter