Gray Hulk To Appear In Marvel’s Future?

New theories and comments made by Mark Ruffalo could suggest that Hulk might transform into Gray Hulk in Marve's future.

By James Brizuela | Published

world war hulk gray hulk

She-Hulk is currently streaming on Disney+, and it has given the world the best look at this new Smart Hulk or Professor Hulk that is portrayed by Mark Ruffalo. Of course, we all know this Smart Hulk from Avengers: Endgame, but it appears as if this is going to be the Hulk that we are given for the foreseeable future. There have been plenty of fan theories about Hulk going back to his more animalistic nature, and that has been fueled by Ruffalo stating that there is a possibility that World War Hulk might be coming into the fold. This could also lead to the world seeing the Gray Hulk for the first time on the big screen.

According to Mark Ruffalo, “The cool thing about this world is that it could just be anything… five years from now it could totally morph into anything, whatever’s pertinent at the time. I almost see him going back to ‘Berserker Hulk’ or ‘World War Hulk’. It could go anywhere.” Fans have been clamoring for Ruffalo to follow up his ensemble appearances by appearing in a solo Hulk film, which could lead to World War Hulk. Currently, Bruce Banner has now gone off-world, which points to him being in Sakaar. This was a dead giveaway by the Sakaaran spaceship that ran Bruce and Jennifer off the road. He could evolve into Gray Hulk while away. Bruce being gone could also lead to Hulk’s son, Skaar being introduced. This has been a strong rumor and one that could lead to Planet Hulk being made.

We did get a bit of Planet Hulk during the Thor: Ragnarok film, though it was only briefly used as Hulk being a gladiator that was used by the Grandmaster. Bruce did disappear back to Sakaar currently, so we could be seeing him attempt to dominate the planet as revenge for using him as a gladiator. This might lead the character to enter the Gray Hulk phase and see Hulk transform into Joe Fixit. The Grandmaster is quite crafty, but Hulk could outsmart him and end up taking control of Sakaar. This would blend many of the Hulk storylines together, but it would make sense in showing Hulk taking over the planet through more craft means instead of just destroying everything. However, he could also do that and start the Planet Hulk storyline. However, he would not have a particular reason for coming back to earth to see revenge if he willingly took off to Sakaar.

There are plenty of storylines to work with, and now that She-Hulk could be taking her cousin’s place as one of the new Avengers, this should set up Gray Hulk or some other version of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk to appear in a new solo movie. This is all speculation at this point, but fans have long been clamoring to see the man take on a new solo Hulk venture. He has expressed plenty of interest in doing so as well. Ruffalo has clearly done his homework as he has mentioned World War Hulk and Berserker Hulk. Whatever happens, it appears that Mark Ruffalo is going to be Hulk for the foreseeable future, which is not a bad idea at all. We just hope to see his character continuing to evolve, or devolve if you just want to see Hulk smash things.