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There are some cool and crazy questions that come out of the major comic book franchises. We’ll dive into those here.

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blue beetle

DC Ending Another Fan Favorite Superhero Series

Variety reports that The CW’s Superman and Lois will not be renewed upon the conclusion of its upcoming fourth season. …

9 months ago

Keanu Reeves

Constantine 2 With Keanu Reeves Returning? The Sequel’s Fate Is Sealed

Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence just dropped an update on the development of Constantine 2, a sequel to the 2005 …

9 months ago

nicolas cage superman

Nicolas Cage Reveals Superman Shoot, Calls AI ‘Nightmare’

For the five or so people who actually went and saw The Flash earlier this year, it was quite a …

9 months ago

mahershala ali alita marvel blade

Mahershala Ali Written To The Sideline Of Blade, Almost Leaves Over Script

According to Variety, Marvel is in the midst of its most intense and existential crisis yet, and Mahershala Ali is …

9 months ago

Marvel Is Suffering Their Biggest Crisis Ever

The Marvel brand is in quite a bind (via Variety) after the perfect storm of circumstances surrounding the business has …

9 months ago

loki season 2

Loki Secretly Had Major Role In Avengers: Endgame?

A popular fan theory has emerged from social media sites such as Reddit which links Loki to the events of …

9 months ago

Forget Marvel And DC These Are The Next Comics That Should Be Movies

Referred to as The Big Two in the comic industry, Marvel and DC are not the only game in town. …

9 months ago

The Marvel Movie On Netflix That Needs A Sequel In The Worst Way

Ready to dive into a world where justice meets vengeance? The Punisher, starring Thomas Jane, is your ticket to an …

9 months ago

brie larson

The Marvels Isn’t Worth Seeing In The Theater

I’ve got nothing against The Marvels. I’m fine with Brie Larson, I liked Captain Marvel, and I had zero problems …

9 months ago

penguin series

The Best Penguin Story Has Been Told, Someone Tell Matt Reeves

When Matt Reeves’s The Penguin hits Max next year (let’s hope, considering all of the scheduling chaos in Hollywood right …

9 months ago

The New Crime Thriller Netflix Hit Is Based On DC Comic

When viewers think “based on a comic book,” they think of capes and big beams of energy shooting out of …

9 months ago

marvel halloween

Best Marvel Halloween Stories

Halloween is here and–unless about 85 percent of modern media is somehow wiped out of existence in the near future–so …

9 months ago

dc marvel

Marvel Director Jabs At Martin Scorsese On Social Media

The feud between Marvel and Martin Scorsese picked back up over the last few days when Joe Russo took a …

9 months ago

Iron Man’s Best Armor Is Absolutely Useless

The very first live-action screen appearance of Iron Man’s fan-favorite Hulkbuster armor proved to be one of the most anticipated …

9 months ago

gen v

In Gen V, Vought Rips Off Batman’s Best Ideas

In the most recent episodes of Amazon‘s Gen V, we learn that things are even more sinister than we realized …

9 months ago


Thanos Returns In Desperate Attempt To Save Brie Larson’s The Marvels?

When Luke Skywalker uttered the line, “No one’s ever really gone” in The Last Jedi, he might as well have …

9 months ago


Daredevil Pulls New Showrunner And Director From Other Marvel Shows

Deadline reports that the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again series has made a couple of personnel changes that will take the …

9 months ago

aquaman 2 ben affleck Netflix

Aquaman 2 Features Ben Affleck’s Batman? Director Reveals The Truth

After months of speculation, James Wan confirmed that Aquaman 2 will not feature an appearance from Ben Affleck as Batman. Speaking to Empire, …

9 months ago

Marvel Needs To Bring This One X-Men Character Into The MCU

The 90s were a dark time for comic books; everywhere you looked, superheroes were getting edgier, darker, and more extreme. …

9 months ago

Witness South Park Destroying Disney’s Past 10 Years Of Star Wars And Marvel

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been pushing the envelope with South Park for nearly three decades, and their latest …

9 months ago

Elizabeth Olsen’s Marvel Fate Finally Confirmed

After more than 18 months of waiting, Marvel has finally revealed the truth about Wanda Maximoff’s fate. The character, who …

9 months ago

loki season 2

Loki Season 2 Killing Off A Ton Of The Marvel Franchise

Marvel fans are shocked by the deaths of major characters in Loki Season 2, including Victor Timely, played by Jonathan …

9 months ago

spider-man no way home review feature

The Worst Spider-Man Suit Chosen By Fans

Since dropping on shelves and digital vendors just a little over one week ago, Sony’s PlayStation 5 game, Spider-Man 2 …

9 months ago

smallville superman welling

The Best Superman Story Is Found In The Most Unexpected Place

Superman is the most iconic character in comics, sorry, Batman, but writers often have trouble putting him in decent stories. …

9 months ago

Marvel Finally Explains Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Biggest Mistake

Marvel Studios has addressed one of the most glaring continuity errors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the release of …

9 months ago

Aquaman 3 Actually Happening After Controversy?

While we’re waiting patiently for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom to see its December 2024 release, Empire reports that James …

9 months ago

Brie Larson’s The Marvels Runtime Shocks Fans, Is It Proof The Movie Is Bad?

While Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom may be making waves in the DCEU, it’s the Brie Larson-led The Marvels that’s …

9 months ago

margot robbie

The Harley Quinn Series DC Tries To Bury Away

Long before Margot Robbie absolutely slayed as Harley Quinn in the DCEU, there was another live-action Birds of Prey. The …

9 months ago

marvel kang

Jonathan Majors Headed To Trial In Assault Case, Disney Staying Quiet?

Jonathan Majors is set to begin his domestic abuse trial in court in late November this year, and Disney has …

9 months ago