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wesley snipes blade
Wesley Snipes in Blade (1998)

The beloved Wesley Snipes Blade trilogy will soon be calling Max its new streaming home. All three films will be available to stream this Friday, September 1. This is the first time the trilogy has been available on a streaming service since it was removed from Hulu in December 2022.

All three Blade films starring Wesley Snipes will stream on Max as of September 1.

The Blade trilogy’s life on Hulu was short, as it was released on the platform just in time for Halloween that year in October, but only was there for two months. Hopefully, the trilogy will get a much longer life on Max, and people will have a while to stream it. Just in case, it might not be a bad idea to check it out sooner than later.

Blade was released in 1998 and starred Wesley Snipes as Eric Brooks, a Dhampir. A Dhampir is a human who has all of a vampire’s strengths with none of their weaknesses (except for having to drink human blood). He vows to hunt down vampires in order to avenge the death of his mother.

The Blade trilogy coming to Max couldn’t come at a better time, considering the MCU’s version of the character is still a long way off.

The first Blade sees Snipes’ vampire hunter teaming up with Kris Krisofferson’s Abraham Whistler and N’Bushe Wright’s Dr. Karen Jenson to take down Stephen Dorff’s Deacon Frost, a vampire bent on conquering humanity.

The film is directed by Stephen Norrington with a screenplay by David S. Goyer, not long before he would go on to help with the screenplays for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy on the other side of the comic book film aisle. The original Blade has become a comic book classic, and it, of course, got a sequel.

Ron Perlman and Wesley Snipes in Blade II (2002)

Blade II sees the return of Wesley Snipes’ titular vampire hunter as he takes on a group of mutant vampires who seek to destroy both humans and vampires alike. Kristofferson’s Whistler returns to aid Blade in his battle, along with another group of vampires he must reluctantly team up with that includes characters played by franchise newcomers Ron Perlman, Donnie Yen, Norman Reedus, and Leonor Varela. Guillermo del Toro took over directing duties while Goyer returned to write the screenplay again.

Finally, Blade: Trinity finishes out the Wesley Snipes trilogy with Blade being framed for murders and having to team up with rogue vampire hunters to take down the greatest vampire of all — Dracula.

Snipes and Kristofferson would return again, along with franchise newcomers  Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Biel, Dominic Purcell, Parker Posey, and Triple H. David S. Goyer would once again pen the screenplay along with stepping up in the director role to finish out the trilogy.

Mahershala Ali As Blade

The Blade trilogy coming to Max couldn’t come at a better time, considering the MCU’s version of the character is still a long way off. While the release date for the MCU film is reportedly going to be in 2025, there’s always the possibility it could get pushed back further. Fans couldn’t be more excited about it, as Marvel perfectly cast Mahershali Ali in the lead role, but there just hasn’t been a ton of news about it recently to keep that hype train rolling strong.

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