The Worst Netflix Marvel Actor Is Hinting At A Return

By Brian Myers | Published

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Iron Fist star Finn Jones took to Instagram to post what some Marvel fans are speculating might be a return of the action hero flop. In his stories, Jones shared a photo of his traveling gear that included, along with the typical essentials, a copy of the final issue of the comic book Power Man and Iron Fist. The photo comes months after a September interview in which Jones expressed interest in playing the character again, should the opportunity ever arise.

Hinting At A Return?

Finn Jones first portrayed the Marvel character in 2017 when the streaming service Netflix debuted the series. Iron Fist was the fourth show for Netflix that featured characters from Marvel, coming after the successes of the fan favorites Daredevil and Luke Cage. But unlike its predecessors, Iron Fist didn’t get the critical reception and didn’t seem to captivate audiences.

Iron Fist Was A Major Flop

Over the course of two seasons, Iron Fist only managed to muster a collective 37 percent score among critics on the ratings site Rotten Tomatoes. The lackluster first season’s 20 percent was particularly low, with many critics sharing how the martial arts choreography was subpar and the storylines generic and without any sense of originality. Finn Jones does seem to redeem the character and the series by the second season, but it was too little too late for the Marvel series.

Other issues with the series as a whole focused on the overused trope of an American man put in an “exotic” environment, only to reappear with a new set of skills that have seemingly mystical qualities. Some groups accused the Finn Jones series of being guilty of whitewashing Asian culture, as the Marvel character’s abilities as Iron Fist came to fruition after spending 15 years in a foreign land.

Untapped Potential

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But while many critics did pan the series, Finn Jones has said that there was a lot more potential for the Marvel series that wasn’t able to be recognized before its cancellation by Netflix. Jones acknowledges the slow start to the show and laments that Iron Fist was unceremoniously cut off just as the action was beginning to get good.

Netflix Canceled Just As Things Were Picking Up

Some critics appear to agree. Though the first season of the Finn Jones Marvel series was especially abysmal by critical standards, the second season seemed to do its job at redeeming the first 13 episodes. Iron Fist managed to garner a score of 55 percent across a bevy of critic responses on Rotten Tomatoes. The storylines were getting better, the character development was building strongly, and the action sequences were more up to snuff.

A Third Season Coming To Disney+?


Was the show chopped down before it could fully realize its potential, or did Netflix do everyone a favor by moving on from the Finn Jones series? With so many other Marvel characters out there for the streaming service to explore, fans seem to be divided on the move. But if there is any truth to the speculation of the show’s return from Jones’s Instagram post, perhaps the third season will be the charm that Iron Fist needs for a full redemption.

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