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There are some cool and crazy questions that come out of the major comic book franchises. We’ll dive into those here.

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Latest Marvel News

Jonathan Majors Already Planning His Comeback?

After being found guilty of reckless assault and harassment by a Manhattan jury on December 18, 2023, Jonathan Majors is …

3 months ago

Patrick Stewart Rips Marvel MCU Movie And He’s Absolutely Right

It seems as though Patrick Stewart has joined the likes of Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, and Jodi Foster, by …

3 months ago

Superman: Legacy Bringing The Greatest Movie Composer Out Of Retirement?

Fans might have a new reason to be excited for Superman: Legacy. A recent interview with John Williams saw the …

3 months ago

marvel eternals review

Marvel Confirms Canceled Eternals TV Series

Acclaimed screenwriter and director John Ridley shared a surprising revelation, disclosing the true nature of his long-scrapped Marvel project–it was Eternals. …

3 months ago

The Greatest Anti-Superhero Movie Ever Made Is Finally On Netflix

Although Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom may be shark chum at the global box office, Netflix is stepping in to …

3 months ago

Marvel Actress Hit By Car, Serious Injuries Sustained

New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York City took a dark and shocking turn when Marvel actress and stuntwoman 29-year-old …

3 months ago


See Henry Cavill’s Replacement In Costume As Superman

The wait is over, it’s time to see David Corenswet as Superman – kind of. Taking to Instagram to share …

3 months ago

batman vs superman

The Batman v. Superman Scene Zack Snyder Wants You To Forget 

In the DCEU fandom, there are many who believe Zack Snyder is a brilliant auteur who could have guided this …

3 months ago

The Joker’s Inspiration Movie Will Now Be Public Domain

Midnight on January 1 marks more than just the new year. It also marks the moment that The Man Who …

3 months ago

See Alan Ritchson As Batman After Fans Support His Casting

  Alan Ritchson is looking to level up his superhero game. He has been impressing audiences in the title role …

3 months ago

Aquaman 2 Suffers One Final Humiliation, DC’s Nail In The Coffin

Long before its release on December 22, 2023, it was speculated that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom would be yet …

3 months ago

michelle pfeiffer catwoman

Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman Spinoff Movie Is Incredible

Did you know that Tim Burton and Daniel Waters almost worked with Michelle Pfeiffer on a Catwoman spinoff after the …

3 months ago

The Only Superhero Who Can Save The DCU 

With James Gunn working on the all-new DCU, many fans are excited about seeing the latest onscreen incarnations of popular …

3 months ago

Batman Star And Acting Icon Dead At 75

Legendary actor Tom Wilkinson passed away in his home surrounded by his family on December 30. Most well known for …

3 months ago

Christopher Nolan Gives Zack Snyder The Biggest Praise Imaginable

Christopher Nolan is praising Rebel Moon: Part One – Child of Fire director Zack Snyder, stating that his influence in …

3 months ago

Batman Beyond: Year One’s Live-Action Teaser Puts DC To Shame

There’s no doubt about it, DC movies have been a total mess over the past decade. Warner Bros. Discovery is …

3 months ago

Michael Mann Only Likes One Marvel Movie

Famed director Michael Mann, the director behind hit action movies like Public Enemies and Collateral has revealed his opinion on …

4 months ago

The New Superman Is Doomed Before It Begins For One Unavoidable Reason

Despite what the Snyder bros will tell you, the DCEU has been an unmitigated failure, continually losing ground to the …

4 months ago

Green Lanterns Series Fixes One Huge Problem With The Ryan Reynolds Movie

Part of James Gunn’s plans to create a successful DCU from the ashes of the DCEU is making premium television …

4 months ago

The DCEU Is Dead And We Can Say This Is The Worst Of All

Now that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is out, we can officially pronounce the DCEU dead and buried. And as …

4 months ago

Disney’s 100th Anniversary Delivers All-Time Awful Year

In what was meant to be a time of celebration for a cartoon shop that flourished into one of the …

4 months ago

Aquaman 2 Gets Destroyed By Surprising Competition

We’ve long been stoked to see how Warner Bros. and DC’s final title of the year, Aquaman and the Lost …

4 months ago

The DC Comics Writer Shaping James Gunn’s DCU

One of the more exciting things about James Gunn’s DCU is that the longtime director and co-CEO of DC Studios …

4 months ago

Magneto Being Held Back From Appearing In Upcoming Marvel Projects

It’s no secret that when it comes to combating so-called superhero fatigue, Marvel has an X up their sleeve. Even …

4 months ago

Replacing Kang With The X-Men As Villains Is The Way To Save Marvel

Now that Marvel and Jonathon Majors have parted ways, a lot of fans have been asking the question, “What’s next?” …

4 months ago

Aquaman 2 Opens Worse Than Marvel’s Biggest Flop

The holiday opening weekend numbers are in, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom isn’t doing so hot. As of December …

4 months ago

Ryan Gosling Finally Joining Marvel?

Ryan Gosling may soon be turning in the key for his Mojo Dojo Casa House and leaving Barbieland to take …

4 months ago

Marvel Cancels Terrible TV Series Idea, Redeveloping As A Terrible Movie?

Back when Marvel announced that they were developing a WandaVision television show, the fandom was ecstatic about the idea of …

4 months ago

Disney Loses Battle Over Lawsuit And Owes Money

Disney has suffered a major legal defeat at the hands of a federal jury in California, which ruled that the …

4 months ago