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Jessica Jones Is Marvel’s Greatest Show, Why They’ll Never Top It

Right now, Marvel fans are gearing up for the return of Matt Murdock in Daredevil: Born Again. The original flagship …

4 months ago

tom holland

Spider-Man Disney+ Series Makes Major Change

Marvel has been in an upheaval of sorts lately as the superhero franchise met abysmal box office earnings with its …

4 months ago

hugh jackman

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Costume In Deadpool 3 Reveals New Details That Fans Will Love

Despite Ryan Reynolds begging eager fans to stop sharing spoilers about the upcoming Deadpool 3, some just can’t seem to …

4 months ago

Edward Norton Caused Marvel To Make A Franchise-Wide Rule

Everyone knows the story of how Edward Norton butted heads with Marvel when making the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk, …

4 months ago

marvel loki

Loki Continues To Amaze On Streaming, Should Marvel Change Course?

It’s an open secret the Marvel Cinematic universe is in free fall. The Marvels has become the franchise’s lowest-earning film, …

4 months ago

hugh jackman wolverine

Deadpool 3 Introducing Fan-Favorite Wolverine Character For the First Time In Movies?

Deadpool 3 is one of the highly-anticipated upcoming movie releases scheduled for 2024, and as always, the rumor mill is …

4 months ago

Madame Web Poster Looks Like A Parody Of Superheroes

Good movie posters are a lost art. Nowhere is this more evident than with the two laughable Madame Web posters …

4 months ago

marvel morbius

The Marvel Director That Promised Never To Direct The MCU Again

Jon Favreau has become something of a flagship filmmaker with Disney, helming such big-budget classics as 2019’s Lion King, 2016’s …

4 months ago

Marvel Replacing Classic Avengers Actors? New Info Points To Total Recast

Marvel reached the pinnacle of its popularity with the massive cinematic event Avengers: Endgame, which brought many satisfying character arcs …

4 months ago

books of magic

DC Movies Are Going To Be Free To Stream

When it comes to DC flops like Suicide Squad and Black Adam, the general consensus among fans is, “They couldn’t …

4 months ago

Lex Luthor Casting Confirmed And It’s An Ex-Marvel Star From Multiple Movies

Whether you loved or hated the DCEU, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the all-new DCU that …

4 months ago

The Marvels Officially Ends Run As Lowest-Earning MCU Movie

The writing was on the wall early on that The Marvels was not going to be nearly as successful as …

4 months ago

morena baccarin deadpool 3

Morena Baccarin Leaving Marvel For James Gunn’s DC?

Morena Baccarin, arguably best known for playing Vanessa Carlysle in the Deadpool franchise, says she would be open to a role within …

4 months ago

How The X-Men Need To Be Introduced To The MCU

Since Disney first bought 20th Century Fox, it was inevitable that the X-Men were going to be brought into the …

4 months ago

Marvel Needs To Revive One Netflix Villain For The MCU

While the show has had to be almost completely rehauled (complete with ditching its original head writers), Daredevil: Born Again …

4 months ago

patrick stewart professor x marvel

Patrick Stewart Is Almost Certainly Returning To The MCU And We Know When

Patrick Stewart’s Professor X made a surprise MCU appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as one of …

4 months ago

Spider-Man Noir Series Nabs The Perfect Showrunner

Now that the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes have finally concluded, Amazon Prime Video has resumed production on both of its …

4 months ago

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Retaliates Against Deadpool 3 Leaks

Ryan Reynolds has a message for Deadpool fans everywhere – stop spoiling Deadpool 3!  Eager eyes have been peeping around …

4 months ago

Tim Burton Clashed With One Iconic Actor During His Most Important Movie

While Tim Burton has had a string of amazing genre hits, few of them have had the wide-ranging cultural impact …

4 months ago

suicide squad kill the justice league

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Leaks Awesome Playable Batman Villain

Rocksteady has brought us some of the best superhero games in recent years, and now it looks like we’ll be …

4 months ago


The Worst DC Movie Of All Time Chosen By Letterboxd

Coming in with a 1.4 rating out of 5, Letterboxd (a social platform for film critics like yourself) rated 2004’s …

4 months ago

Minecraft Casts DC Series Star For Epic Fantasy Adventure

DC star Danielle Brooks and Sebastian Eugene Hansen have joined the Warner Bros and Legendary’s Minecraft movie cast as Dawn and Henry, …

4 months ago

Thomas Haden Church Spider Man

Spider-Man 4 Dropping Series Director? Acclaimed Horror Director Eyed To Take Over

According to World of Reel, there is talk of a change of director for Spider-Man 4, though the transition to …

4 months ago

Major Marvel Stars Admit They Don’t Understand Their Dialogue

While the world of Marvel is vast with different heroes and villains, each holding different powers and reasons behind their …

4 months ago

The Marvels Is Officially The Most Embarrassing MCU Movie

The Marvels has officially become the lowest-grossing installment in Marvel Cinematic Universe history. Per Variety, the film’s downward trajectory started early, with …

4 months ago

aaron stanford

Deadpool 3 X-Men Hero Confirmed For First Ever Return

Dafne Keen, the star of Logan, has closed a deal to reprise her role as Laura, also known as X-23, …

4 months ago


Deadpool 3 Being Set Up To Fail By Disney?

Marvel has been going through a bit of a rough patch since it wrapped up Phase 3. With more flops …

4 months ago

Marvel Finally Working On Long-Awaited Sci-Fi Superhero Movie

For years, there have been rumors that Marvel was working on a Nova project. The rumors went as far as …

4 months ago

jennifer garner elektra

Jennifer Garner Deadpool 3 Elektra Appearance Confirmed?

Jennifer Garner has responded to rumors that she may be reprising her role as Elektra Natchios in Deadpool 3. During an …

4 months ago