Canceled X-Force Movie Revealed By Director And It Sounds Unhinged

By Matthew Flynn | Published

Filmmaking is a complex and nuanced process, often cited as a blend of creative genius and logistical prowess. Among the many intriguing projects that have been conceived but never realized is an X-Force movie, planned to be helmed by Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow.

The Teenage Strike Force

In 2013, Wadlow was tasked by 20th Century Fox to write and direct an X-Force movie, causing a stir of excitement among fans. However, as fate would have it, the project ran into unknown obstacles and was eventually abandoned.

Wadlow recently revealed some intriguing details about the shelved project. Notably, the script introduced the much-loved character Deadpool not as the wisecracking antihero we know and love today but as a menacing villain chasing a team of superpowered teenagers from the New Mutants and early X-Force comics.

Redeeming Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins

While the Deadpool we saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine left much to be desired, Wadlow said he hoped to get it right. In his take, Deadpool would have been hired by the main villain to chase down our troupe of fledgling mutants. His appearance, wearing motorcycle leather and a red ballistic face mask, would have been more like that in the X-Force comics and subsequent movies than in the Wolverine movie.

The Early Line-Up

The director planned a narrative revolving around a teenage team inspired by 90s comics. Each character had been meticulously chosen for their unique attributes but was also a bit of an outcast.

“If X-Men is about mutants that get to go to private school, what about the mutants that go to public school?” Wadlow quipped on A Trip to the Movies with Alex Zane. His X-Force would have included Cannonball, Boom-Boom, a younger Domino, Rictor, and Feral, to name a few.

The New Mutants Of The 90s

Created during the comics boom of the 90s, X-Force is an acclaimed comic book series from Marvel Comics, renowned for its bold and militant band of superheroes. Rob Liefeld breathed life into this dynamic team, making its first appearance in New Mutants #100. Originating as a reimagined version of the New Mutants, X-Force soon carved its own path, dealing with high-stakes challenges from recovering a dangerous virus to battling formidable forces, always standing tall against the odds.

Deadpool vs. X-Force

This X-Force team would have found themselves on a dramatic road journey, with a narrative closely resembling Red Dawn, all happening in the vast expanses of West Texas. As far as Deadpool’s role, Wadlow revealed he directly contacted Ryan Reynolds and shared his script, which Reynolds loved and referred to as a “grand cameo for Deadpool.

Interestingly, Wadlow had planned a three-movie arc for the X-Force, taking the team from their origins as a band of kids fighting for their beliefs to a more mature group, reminiscent of Rick Remender’s version of X-Force in the early 2000s.

X-Force Died So Deadpool Could Fly

Although it’s disappointing that such a promising plotline saw an early end, this disruption may have paved the way for the standalone Deadpool movie. Though we didn’t get to see Wadlow’s X-Force, the exciting prospect of Deadpool & Wolverine hitting the big screen is a silver lining for fans everywhere.

So, who knows? Had the X-Force movie been brought to life, we might not have been graced by the hilarious and irreverent Deadpool solo films we all know and love.

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