Jurassic League Movie In The Works From DC

By Douglas Helm | Published

There definitely aren’t enough dinosaur movies out there, and it looks like James Gunn’s DCU might fix that. Former film journalist Jeff Sneider recently claimed on The InSneider that there is an animated Jurassic League film in the works. If you haven’t heard of it, imagine if the Justice League heroes were dinosaurs, and you basically understand the premise.

Dinosaur Superheroes

Frankly, a Jurassic League animated film is the exact kind of film that James Gunn could nail and it would be a perfect way to show the DCU isn’t afraid to get weird and wild. After the mostly dour DCEU, something like a Jurassic League film would be a huge breath of fresh air. Of course, it would almost certainly be part of the DC Elseworlds banner of film

An Elseworlds Movie


The DC Elseworlds banner is the upcoming films that will feature DC characters while not being part of the DCU connected storyline James Gunn and Peter Safran are setting up. This allows films like Matt Reeves’ The Batman, Todd Philips’ Joker, and the rumored Jurassic League to exist without having to worry about interfering with any ongoing storylines or character arcs. It’s a great approach, and one that allows a lot more flexibility and creative freedom for creatives that want to take on a DC project without necessarily being tied to an unwieldy interconnected universe.

Based On The Comic Series

Jurassic League is a six-issue comic series that was released in 2022 and takes place in an alternate reality and timeline, though the team did appear in the crossover Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths. The story follows dinosaur versions of the biggest Justice League heroes who seek to protect innocent dinosaurs and prehistoric humans from villains and a growing dark force known as the “Dark Embryo.” Along with the Justice League heroes being dinosaurs, there are also various DC villains that have dinosaur versions in the series.

From The Writer Of Minions

According to Sneider’s report, the Jurassic League film would be produced by James Gunn and Peter Safran, with Brian Lynch (Minions, The Secret Life of Pets) writing the film. Lynch certainly has experience writing hit animated movies, but it’s probably safe to say that fans of the Jurassic League comic wouldn’t want to be much like the films he’s most known for. Reports say the film would be based on the 2022 miniseries, so it would likely be an adaptation rather than an original story.

DC’s Greatest Heroes As Dinosaurs

The Jurassic League team is made up of Superman as a Brachiosaurus, Batman as an Allosaurus, Wonder Woman as a Triceratops, Flash as a Velociraptor, Green Lantern as a Parasaurolophus, and Aquaman as a Baryonyx. While the movie could certainly adapt the events of the comic series, the report says, it’s also entirely possible that the film could tell an original story instead. There’s plenty of creative freedom if it’s going to be an Elseworlds animated film with DC’s mightiest heroes as dinosaurs.

James Gunn Is Willing To Take Chances

If the Jurassic League film turns out to be real, it’s good to know that the DCU is willing to take on some more comic-book projects in the future. Also, it hopefully means that Gunn ends up giving the go-ahead for that animated Batman Beyond film pitch that recently made the rounds on social media. In any case, the DCU will be kicking off in 2025 with the recently renamed Superman.