See The Batman Beyond Movie From Spider-Verse Creators

By Douglas Helm | Updated

batman beyond
  • Images have been released on X of what could be an upcoming Batman Beyond movie.
  • Artists from both the Spider-Verse films and My Dad the Bounty Hounter released images on X as part of a pitch they brought to Warner Bros. for a Batman Beyond movie.
  • According to Dehmers, the pitch impressed the WBD executives enough that they managed to turn “no” into “maybe.”
  • Batman Beyond began as an animated series in which an elderly Bruce Wayne trains the younger Terry McGinnis to be Gotham’s new Batman.

Batman Beyond fans, prepare to do some campaigning because there’s a slight possibility we could get a movie of the cult classic series in the future. Better yet, the film was pitched to Warner Bros Discovery by Yuhki Demers, one of the visual dev artists on the Spider-Verse franchise, along with My Dad the Bounty Hunter co-creator Patrick Harpin. Demers took to X to share some concept art of the potential film, along with the news that their enthusiasm for the project turned the initial “never” from the studio execs to a “maybe.”

The Artwork Looks Incredible

batman beyond

The artwork that Demers posted looks absolutely fantastic, and the kinetic visual style of the Spider-Verse franchise looks right at home in the Batman Beyond universe. These pieces of concept art make it hard to imagine why Warner Bros Discovery wouldn’t want to make this film. Even those who are unfamiliar with the original Beyond cartoon would undoubtedly show up for a film with the words “Batman” and “Spider-Verse” in the trailers and marketing materials.

The Road To James Gunn

batman beyond

While fans might question whether Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav has the vision to approve something as good as a Batman Beyond movie, there is hope that this pitch comes across James Gunn’s desk. Demers expressed that he and Harpin have been pitching to various decision-makers at Warner Bros Discovery, with the goal of showing the idea to James Gunn and Peter Safran. Sharing the concept art online is a genius move because enough fans could make some noise for the social-media savvy Gunn to catch wind of the project.

The DCU Could Use Terry McGinnis

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James Gunn will be kicking off his DCU in 2025 with Superman: Legacy, but he is absolutely no stranger to taking more obscure characters and turning them into major franchises. He handily proved this with the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy and Peacemaker, so it wouldn’t be hard to imagine him pushing Batman Beyond to be the next big Spider Verse-level movie property. Gunn clearly isn’t opposed to making animated projects, as the animated Creature Commandos will be one of the first big DCU TV shows.

Batman Beyond The Series

Batman Beyond, Michael Keaton

Batman Beyond was an animated series that ran for 52 episodes and featured a young man named Terry McGinnis taking on the mantle of Batman under the tutelage of an older Bruce Wayne. Batman Beyond takes place in a hyper-futuristic version of Gotham City, which lends itself perfectly to the Spider-verse movie animation style. It would also be awesome to see how these animators would handle characters like Inque, the villain seen in the concept art, who shapeshifts and have their own unique power sets.

There Was Almost A Live-Action Batman Beyond

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The real kicker about all of this is that there were actually plans for a live-action Batman Beyond movie before James Gunn and Peter Safran were put at the helm of the DCU. That version of the movie would have been written by Christina Hodson, and Michael Keaton was being considered for the older Bruce Wayne role. As cool as a live-action film would be, it’s safe to say that an animated Spider-Verse-style film would be a way better fit for Batman Beyond.