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Marvel Finally Working On Long-Awaited Sci-Fi Superhero Movie

For years, there have been rumors that Marvel was working on a Nova project. The rumors went as far as …

3 months ago

jennifer garner elektra

Jennifer Garner Deadpool 3 Elektra Appearance Confirmed?

Jennifer Garner has responded to rumors that she may be reprising her role as Elektra Natchios in Deadpool 3. During an …

3 months ago

Deadpool 3 Reveals Huge Character Death In Shocking And Violent Photos

Deadpool 3 is eight months away from being released, but the spoilers are already taking over the internet. Warning: if …

3 months ago

robert downey jr.

Robert Downey Jr. Is Never Returning To Marvel

We all knew it was true but we never wanted to admit it. Unfortunately, Kevin Feige has confirmed it for …

3 months ago


Edgar Wright Reveals How Much Better His Ant-Man Would’ve Been

Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright recently talked about his films during the 100th episode the Reel Feedback Podcast, …

3 months ago

Wyatt Russell Reveals Thunderbolts Is Breaking The Marvel Mold

Wyatt Russell recently sat down with his father, Kurt Russell, to talk about several of the younger actors’ upcoming projects, …

3 months ago

batgirl dc canceled

Warner Bros. CEO Happy They Killed Heavily Anticipated Superhero Movie

Gotham City had a new archvillain once David Zaslav became CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery. Under his leadership, the company …

3 months ago

Tom Holland Speaks On Spider-Man 4 And It Has Us Worried

Spider-Man 4 is in the works, according to the Hollywood Trades, and writers are currently developing the film with Tom …

3 months ago

We’re Saved! Marvel’s Worst Idea Is Being Canceled

MCU’s She-Hulk television series received generally favorable reviews when it was released, and the fans were generally okay with the …

3 months ago

batman forever

How Batman Forever Saved One Man’s Entire Career

Fans of the Batman franchise can engage in endless debate over which film is the best, with many online arguing …

3 months ago

The Next Batman Movie Will Finally Give Him A Sidekick

Now that James Gunn is rebooting the DC universe, fans can’t help but wonder how far it will deviate from …

3 months ago

The Netflix Blockbuster Crime Thriller That Defied Expectations

There are few characters in media more ubiquitous and recognizable than Batman. The billionaire philanthropist by day and caped crime …

3 months ago

christopher nolan

Christopher Nolan Praises Controversial Comic Book Epic

Oppenheimer director Christopher Nolan has expressed high praise for 2009’s Zach Snyder-directed Watchmen, according to The Hollywood Reporter. During his …

3 months ago

brie larson the marvels ms marvel

Iman Vellani Slams Marvel For Not Caring About Its Characters

Despite appearing in one of Marvel’s smallest box office earners to date, Iman Vellani has high hopes for the future …

3 months ago

batwing flash

The Most Iconic Batman Cover Ever Shocks Fans With New Revelation

If you’re a Batman fan, then chances are you’re quite familiar with the cover of The Dark Knight Returns. This …

3 months ago

Agatha: Darkhold Diaries Releases Revealing First Look That Drops Big Hint

Now that Loki’s second season has come and gone, many Marvel fans are waiting for the next big streaming hit …

3 months ago

wandavision spinoff

WandaVision Video Confirms Fan Theory, See The Evidence

Marvel’s WandaVision has been one of the best Disney+ MCU shows to date, with plenty of interesting implications for the …

3 months ago

batman v superman zack snyder

Zack Snyder Returning To DC For Only One Project

Most people would assume that Zack Snyder is ready to hang up the superhero capes for good after his tumultuous …

3 months ago

The Most Disturbing Batman Costume Will Make You Creeped Out

Even though Batman is a superhero who has the people of Gotham’s best interests at heart, there is no doubt …

3 months ago

Moon Knight Season 2 Actually Happening With Oscar Isaac?

Marvel has a TV problem. Their most recent new series, Secret Invasion, was maligned by critics and fans alike, leaving …

3 months ago

The Worst Marvel Show Still Getting Season 2?

If there are any (unironic) fans of She-Hulk, they might want to pay attention to this: according to ComicBookMovie, the high-ups at …

3 months ago

tom holland

Sony Releasing More Marvel Movies Than Marvel Next Year

The MCU has provided a reliable, steady stream of superhero films for over a decade now, but 2024 will see …

3 months ago

The Netflix Sci-Fi Action Thriller That Killed A Franchise

20 years ago, acclaimed director Ang Lee took on the task of launching a new superhero film series with Hulk, …

3 months ago

Christopher Nolan Slaps Back Against Martin Scorsese Controversial Comments

In the battle between old white men and superhero movies, one director stands smack dab in the middle. Christopher Nolan …

3 months ago

charlie cox daredevil

Why Charlie Cox Thought Daredevil’s Return Was Impossible

Charlie Cox’s Daredevil was a quick standout in the early days of Marvel TV, but fans weren’t sure he would …

3 months ago

chris evans

Chris Evans Destroys Marvel Return Hopes

Marvel has faced a rough year of failing box office numbers and strike-induced slowdowns. With the future of the franchise …

3 months ago

Disney Is Falling Apart At The Box Office, What They’re Doing Wrong

It seems like Disney needs to wish upon a star if it wants its box office fortunes to turn around. …

3 months ago

guardians collector

Marvel Studios Killing Entire Project Division

Marvel Studios continues to recalibrate its approach after some underwhelming responses to recent projects, and it seems part of that …

3 months ago

Jon Hamm Wants To Join One Specific Billion-Dollar Franchise

In the time since the hit AMC drama Mad Men has come to an end, series lead Jon Hamm has …

3 months ago