The Marvel Character We All Expect To Depart The MCU Sounds Confirmed

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We can all agree that 2021’s Eternals was a very disappointing movie due to its sprawling plot and underdeveloped characters, with plenty of things simply not making sense in the context of the MCU. However, it did offer some excitement, the biggest of which actually came in the form of a teaser announcing the appearance of Marvel’s Black Knight. Unfortunately, his appearance is still in the air because it seems that Marvel has no plans for the Black Knight at the moment.

Kit Harington Knows Nothing About Marvel’s Plans

According to Kit Harington, who appeared as Dane Whitman alongside the Ebony Blade in the Eternals’ post-credits scene, the heads of the MCU couldn’t find the right story for his character. I don’t think it’s planned at the moment,” said Harington during a press release for his upcoming neo-thriller film Blood For Dust—which he’s starring alongside Scoot McNairy and Josh Lucas. However, Harington added that he would like to work on Marvel’s Black Knight since he sees the potential in the character’s comic trajectory.

Missed Opportunity

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Harington first debuted as Black Knight in Marvel’s Eternals alongside Richard Madden—with whom he previously worked on Game of Thrones. That particular movie aimed to expand the lore of the MCU further, provide more depth, and introduce the Celestials. However, it missed the mark entirely since it feels more like a disconnected mess with pretty fantastic CGI effects and their own version of Superman. To be entirely honest, Kro the Deviant was probably the best character in the entire movie.

Another End Credit Tease Leading Nowhere

Despite the movie being bad as it was, the fans were super excited because of the post-credits scene, which basically teased the appearance of two additional heroes to the MCU: Mahershala Ali’s Blade—who only provided a voice cameo for the scene—and Kit Harington as Marvel’s Black Knight. However, the pandemic, paired with constant shuffles in production, continues to drive a stake through the heart of Blade, and nobody actually knows what’s going on with Black Knight, apart from the fact that, apparently, nothing’s happening at the moment.

Black Knight’s Greatest Villain: Cost-Cutting

That is truly disheartening because Black Knight would be a wonderful addition to the darker side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe—but it’s also hardly surprising. Nearly all C-tier heroes and superheroes from the MCU have been sidelined by Disney, along with all other projects, following the announcement about cost-cutting measures and the company’s shift towards quality rather than quantity. As a result, many of the MCU projects have been shelved or restructured to fit other narratives and storylines.

Trimming The Bloat From The MCU

It’s entirely possible that Marvel’s Black Knight fell victim to the cost-cutting chop that swept it off the board in favor of more savory bits of the MCU. The effects are becoming more palpable as time goes by, especially since we only have one MCU release slated for 2024, which is the upcoming Deadpool 3, officially titled Deadpool & Wolverine. That particular movie is most likely setting the stage for the return of the X-Men to the silver screen, especially since the main villain of the upcoming Deadpool movie is one of X-Men‘s greatest villains. 

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