Marvel And DC Can Save Both Franchises With The Move Everyone Wants

By Christopher Isaac | Published

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I don’t know about you, but I feel like nothing the MCU or DC do with their movies feels like a huge deal anymore. Honestly, it has been that way since Avengers: Endgame, with everything since then just not really being able to top that. But there is still one event left that DC and Marvel could each do that I think would surpass that level of hype: doing a Marvel and DC crossover movie!

Happened In Comics Already

Marvel DC crossover

Your first instinct might be to say that would never happen because of all the legal rights involved, but it is not unprecedented.

In fact, a Marvel and DC crossover has already happened in the comics…many times in fact.

We’re talking everything from simple team ups like Batman and Spider-Man both working together to stop Carnage and the Joker, all the way to all out fights between the Justice League versus the Avengers.

Hulk Vs. Superman?

I think the best way to do a Marvel and DC crossover would be similar to how The Avengers was built up, starting off with small moments to build fan anticipation. Maybe an adaptation of 1999’s The Incredible Hulk vs. Superman comic storyline.

We’ve seen both characters in movies plenty of times, so this would be a fun way to do something new with them and also start setting the stage for even bigger crossovers. But eventually it has to all build to something like 2003’s JLA/Avengers.

Who Would Win?

If Marvel and DC did make a crossover movie, the biggest impediment would undoubtedly be both companies’ desire to ensure their respective characters did not come out looking inferior.

But I think the potential for the massive box office would override those concerns. Right now, Avengers: Endgame holds the record for the most profitable comic book movie at just shy of $2.8 billion.

If any movie could crack $3 billion, I have no doubt it would be the Justice League crossing paths with the Avengers.

Keeeping Track Of The Standings

eternals 2 galactus

And even if some big villain like Galactus eventually takes center stage in the crossover, we have to see the heroes square off with each other at some point.

Prior Marvel and DC crossover comics handled this by carefully tracking who was winning what fights. Heroes from both brands were paired off into battles with rival company heroes that were deemed of similar status (so no Superman vs. Rocket Raccoon).

The number of victories for both sides was kept pretty equal to ensure neither Marvel nor DC could claim to be the superior company at the end of it.

Need Fan Interest

And honestly, the biggest reason for a Marvel and DC crossover movie at this point is the same reason it happened in the comics: slumping fan interest.

Superhero movies are not generating the same amount of fan attention anymore because there’s not any huge storylines left to draw them in. This is what happened in the comics and is why both companies agreed to do a crossover in the first place. It definitely got fans to take notice there, so it seems like a safe bet it would work in the movies too.

Avengers + Justice League

Marvel DC crossover

It would probably be a big enough event to warrant a three-part Avengers and Justice League story.

That would certainly get me to show up to watch, and I’m positive it would bring back even any lapsed fans. For the sake of comic book movies as a whole, it’s time to make a Marvel and DC crossover movie happen.

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