Jonathan Majors Isn’t Going to Jail

By Shanna Mathews-Mendez | Published

New York judge Michael Gaffey has refused to sentence convicted assailant Jonathan Majors to any jail time. Indeed, Judge Gaffey has stated, “Jail is not necessary.” Instead, Majors faces one year of an “in-person batterers” program in Los Angeles. 

End Of The Trial

The sentencing hearing on Monday, April 8, is, seemingly, the end of a long year of chaos for Jonathan Majors that began on March 25, 2023. That night, the Marvel star got into a physical altercation with his girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. By all accounts, the fight started in the back of a moving vehicle, wherein Jabbari grabbed Majors’s phone after seeing a text from another woman. Majors then grabbed Jabbari’s arm, bending it backward and allegedly fracturing her finger. 

The fight extended to the streets, where security footage caught Jabbari attempting to leave the vehicle, and Majors picked her up and put her back inside the vehicle. Footage from another street shows Majors running away from the scene and Jabbari chasing after him. Later that night, Jabbari sat in a nightclub and applied ice to her finger. Majors spent the night alone in his hotel room. 

Police Response

While there is no clear record of what happened next, Majors called 911 the next morning to ask for an emergency check on Jabbari in their apartment. Police arrived to find Jabbari half-dressed and lying in her wardrobe with bruising, swelling, and a cut on her head. Police then arrested Majors. 

In response to the arrest and the charges of four misdemeanors — two for reckless assault and harassment, one for intentional assault in the third degree, and aggravated harassment in the second degree — Majors alleged that Jabbari was the originator of the violence on the night of March 25. Jabbari turned herself in on the charges, was arrested, and immediately released. 

Career Was On The Upswing

Jonathan Majors and Jabbari met in 2021 while he was filming Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantumania. At that time, Majors was a rising star. He appeared in Lovecraft Country in 2020 with Jurnee Smollet to great critical acclaim. Following his debut as Kang in Loki on Disney+, Majors faced off against Michael B. Jordan in the wildly successful Creed III.

Crash And Burn

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Those hopes were dashed when news broke of not only this incident with Jabbari but of what appears to be a long line of violence and abuse toward women. During the trial, Jabbari made multiple appeals to the jury and the judge, noting that Majors considers himself an important man who is above the law. During his sentencing hearing, Jabbari cautioned that Majors has perpetrated abuse against women in the past and that he will do so again. 

What’s Next For Majors?

jonathan majors

In light of his past and the evidence found by police and recognized by the jury, Majors was found guilty of two of the misdemeanor assault and harassment charges back in December. While he could have faced up to a year in jail, the judge apparently did not feel that this conviction was worthy of prison time.

His freedom may not have come to an end, but his career certainly seems to have done so.

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