Jonathan Majors Actually Has Fans Wanting Him Back As Kang

By April Ryder | Published

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Believe it, or not; Jonathan Majors still has some fans out there who are hopeful and excited at the possibility of the actor getting a second chance in Hollywood. After his most recent guilty plea to misdemeanor assault and harassment charges filed by his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari, Majors was dropped from his role as Kang in the Marvel Comic Universe. His movie Magazine Dreams was also dropped by its distributor. 

Spotted At The Gym?

Recent reports say that Jonathan Majors has been spotted hitting the gym in full gym-rat mode, working on bulking up for what could possibly be a new movie role in the works. It may be good news for the actor’s career, but should Majors already be getting a “fresh start” on screen so soon after admitting to such unacceptable behavior? 

Assault Charges

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Less than two months after his guilty plea, it seems some people have already forgotten about how aggressive and abusive Jonathan Majors has proven himself to be.

In March of last year, Majors grabbed Jabbari, twisted her hand, punched her, and tried to choke her during a car ride after she went through his phone and complained about some messages she found. 

Now, in the wake of a possible comeback, Majors’ ex-girlfriend has filed yet another case against the actor. This time, the charges come from the New York federal court. Jabbari and her legal representation have filed a new lawsuit for alleged assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, malicious prosecution, and defamation, citing incidents dating from 2021 to 2023. 

Numerous Altercations?

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According to the report filed, Jabbari said that Jonathan Majors (on more than one occasion) subjected her to physical and emotional abuse. The lawsuit mentions an incident from 2022 where Majors allegedly pushed Jabbari through a shower door where she subsequently hit her head on the wall. 

In another altercation between the tumultuous couple, Jonathan Majors allegedly pushed Jabbari with such force that she fell and bruised her bottom. He then picked her up and tossed her on the hood of her car when she tried to leave. Jabbari yelled for help, and Majors (allegedly) placed his hand over her mouth to silence her while dragging her back into their apartment where he then threatened to kill her. 

Social Media Fans Want Jonathan Majors Back

However, social media proves that sometimes the public has a very short memory. Upon hearing the news of Majors’ new workout program, Jonathan Majors fans took to Instagram with their elation. Some comments even likened a second chance for Majors to the turnaround of Robert Downey Jr’s career.

Numerous people rang in on Twitter/ X to express support for Jonathan Majors returning to Marvel, feeling like he needed to be reinstated as Kang.

Marvel Not Bringing Him Back

Though his fans feel like Jonathan Majors should be reinstated in his role as Kang in the upcoming MCU movie, the studio has already gone to great lengths to rid itself of his presence. Avengers: The Kang Dynasty has already been renamed to Avengers 5, and there have already been rumors of a replacement (Colman Domingo). 

Second Villain Coming?

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At first, there was talk of removing the Kang character from the MCU movie altogether. However, Daniel Richtman (a writer for Forbes) reported that Marvel Studios chose to keep Kang as part of the new film, but there will be a second villain introduced alongside him to possibly aid him in carrying out his evil plans. 

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