Batman 1989 Gets Direct Sequel From Star Wars Writer

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Over the years, many different actors have taken on the role of Batman, providing each generation of film and comic book fans with their own landmark iteration of the character. For those growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, the definitive big-screen Batman was Michael Keaton, who starred in Tim Burton’s 1989 DC Comics adaptation. Now, author John Jackson Miller is continuing the story of the fan-favorite version of the Gotham Guardian, in the form of an upcoming novel.

John Jackson Miller Is Known For His Star Wars Novels

Miller is best known for his work on a number of popular Star Wars novelizations, including Lost Tribe of the Sith, Kenobi, and A New Dawn. His latest Star Wars novel, The Living Force, is fresh off the press, having first been released to all major book retailers by Penguin Random House on April 9. Without elaborating in explicit detail, Miller claims that PRH editor Tom Hoeler was instrumental in acquiring the novelization rights for Batman: Resurrection, paving the way for Miller to embark upon this new and exciting journey.

Batman: Resurrection Is A Continuation Of Tim Burton’s 1989 Film

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The new work from Miller will be called Batman: Resurrection, and continue the tale of Tim Burton’s 1989 film, as the caped crusader continues eradicating the criminal underworld of Gotham following the death of Jack Nicholson’s Joker. While little is known about the plot of the forthcoming novel at this time, sources indicate that the narrative will center on Bruce Wayne as he comes to learn that Gotham’s systemic problems require both of his alter egos to address.

On one hand, Batman must take to the streets to stop senseless crime from twisted killers, while on the other hand, Bruce Wayne must utilize his wealth and access to power structures to fight poverty at a systemic level. While all this is happening, the Dark Knight must also contend with an undercurrent of support for the Joker’s cause, leading the hero to believe that Joker may not be gone for good after all.

Michael Keaton Recently Riprised His Role At Batman

Michael Keaton‘s Batman recently made his long-awaited return to the big screen, in the form of a multi-dimensional reprisal in last year’s The Flash. Canonically, Keaton’s Batman from the 1989 film is the very same Batman responsible for assisting Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen with righting his fractured DCU timeline, leaving some fans to wonder if any lead-up to this project will be included in the Batman: Resurrection novel.

Of course, the novel will focus on Batman in the immediate aftermath of Tim Burton’s two beloved films, whereas The Flash takes place decades later. Still, it might be neat to see some kind of reference to the critically panned film, as it might be the last time we ever see Keaton take the character to the big screen.

Miller Is Perfect For The Part

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While listing his Batman-fan accolades, John Jackson Miller explained “Batman shaped the writer I am. I saw it in the theater 12 times. I reviewed it for my college paper and wrote about it often in comics magazines, including an essay on Prince’s Warner Bros. Records soundtrack.” Clearly, this specific iteration of the nearly century-old comic book character means a great deal to Miller personally and professionally, which instills a great deal of excitement in prospective readers of the upcoming book.

Batman: Resurrections Releases This Fall

Batman: Resurrection is currently on pace to hit bookshelves around the country on October 15 of this year, with pre-order options already available from multiple online retailers.

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