Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Proves It’s A Prequel To Logan’s Best Story 

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Now that the trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine is out, it left fans with a burning question: just which version of Wolverine is this supposed to be? He presumably can’t be the mutant who died in Logan, but Deadpool’s dialogue makes it seem like he can’t be the version from the mainline films like X2: X-Men United.

We think we have the answer, and this one’s a doozy: based on context clues from the trailer, it seems like this might be a younger version of Wolverine from the original Old Man Logan comic.

Wolverine Let The World Down?

 deadpool & wolverine

Like our heroes jumping into a glowing portal, it’s time to dive right into the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer details that screamed Old Man Logan to us.

First and foremost is the idea that Logan previously did something to let his world down, leaving it an apocalyptic mess.

In the Old Man Logan comic, Wolverine slaughtered what he thought was 40 supervillains attacking the Xavier mansion, finding out only too late that Mysterio had used his powers to trick Wolverine into murdering all of the X-Men.

No Wolverine Claws?

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As a result of what he did that day, the Wolverine spent years without popping his claws.

In the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, we see that early on, Wolverine is either unable or unwilling to fully extend his claws.

This might be in reference to the same thing happening in the Old Man Logan comic, but it might also just be an excuse to let Deadpool crack a few impotence jokes.

Old Man Logan

In that original comic, Wolverine isn’t solely responsible for what happens to the world, but his accidental murdering of the X-Men left America that much weaker when all the supervillains decided to team up and take over the country.

The result left most of the United States looking like a Mad Max wasteland, and what we see in Deadpool & Wolverine is very reminiscent of that. Look closely and you’ll see that Pyro and other villains dressed in the kind of rags that passed for apocalypse chic in the Old Man Logan universe.

Cassandra Nova Playing A Part?

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The final big detail that makes us think that the Logan we see in the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer is the one from Old Man Logan is the base of operations used by supervillain Cassandra Nova.

She’s the Big Bad in Grant Morrison’s amazing New X-Men comics and may seem a little out of place in this wasteland, but we couldn’t stop staring at the giant Ant-Man head that she is using as her base.

In Old Man Logan, the outsized corpse of Giant Man plays a prominent role and even has its own special location name: Pym Falls. 

Already Got Logan

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Of course, the one potential hole in this otherwise very solid Deadpool & Wolverine theory is that the Logan movie already gave us a big-screen adaptation of the Old Man Logan comic.

The particulars were different, of course, but Marvel might be a little hesitant at giving extended screen time to two different Wolverines that come from a universe that is more or less the same. Then again, Marvel also thought that Eternals would be a hit film, so anything is possible.

Deadpool & Wolverine Sparking The MCU?

Deadpool & wolverine

Whether or not Deadpool & Wolverine ends up adapting Old Man Logan or does its own thing entirely, this film looks like it could re-energize the failing MCU in a big way.

With X-Men ‘97 winning everyone over on the small screen and Wolverine about to dominate the big screen again, this would be the perfect time for Kevin Feige to start making announcements about properly bringing these merry mutants into the MCU.

Let’s hope that by the time he does so, superhero fatigue hasn’t turned this successful cinematic universe into the same kind of desolate wasteland that Cassandra Nova now calls home.

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