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There are some cool and crazy questions that come out of the major comic book franchises. We’ll dive into those here.

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Latest Marvel News

spider-man black cat

Spider-Man’s Felicia Hardy Is Getting A Black Cat Movie

Spider-Man character Black Cat is getting her own movie.

3 years ago

amber heard

Amber Heard Being Courted To Join The Marvel Universe?

Amber Heard plays Mera for DC. Is she about to join Marvel, too?

3 years ago


A Major Marvel Hero Is Going To Debut As A Villain In The MCU

A long time hero in the Marvel comics is finally coming to the screen. Now, he’ll be the bad guy.

3 years ago


DC Films Are About To Become More Like Marvel

DC films are going to change in a major way.

3 years ago

chris hemsworth hulk hogan

Chris Hemsworth’s Arms Are Now So Big He Looks Like The Hulk In Real Life

Check out the guns on Chris Hemsworth!

3 years ago

tessa thompson ragnarok

Tessa Thompson Is In Deep Trouble With Marvel

Tessa Thompson’s relationship with the studio is in trouble after photos of a recent three-way kiss spread online.

3 years ago

marvel's eternals

Marvel’s Eternals Villain Revealed

The villain of Marvel’s Eternals looks to have been revealed.

3 years ago


Fan-Favorite Hulk Villain Revealed In New Marvel Project?

Are we finally about to meet a classic Hulk villain from the comics on screen?

3 years ago

guardians of the galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy Game In Development

A Guardians of the Galaxy game is in the works.

3 years ago

keanu reeves

Keanu Reeves Joining Marvel And Fighting Another Superhero?

Keanu Reeves could be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the franchise’s heroes wants to fight him in an upcoming movie.

3 years ago

tom holland

Tom Holland Reveals His Time As Spider-Man Is Over

Tom Holland has revealed that is time as Spider-Man is officially over after No Way Home.

3 years ago

aaron taylor-johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Officially Cast As Spider-Man’s Next Big Villain

We’ve yet to see this iconic villain of Spider-Man’s brought to the big screen, but Aaron Taylor-Johnson is about to change that.

3 years ago

robert pattinson

Robert Pattinson Already Leaving DC For Marvel?

Robert Pattinson might be jumping ship from DC to Marvel.

3 years ago

eternals worst marvel movie

Who Angelina Jolie’s Sexy Superhero Is In Marvel’s The Eternals

What have we learned so far about Angelina Jolie’s character from the Eternals trailer? Kind of a lot.

3 years ago

salma hayek

Marvel Isn’t Forcing Diversity, According To Salma Hayek

Marvel is determined to have more diverse films. Salma Hayek claims they’re getting it right in their upcoming film.

3 years ago

tom hiddleston loki season 2

Loki Series Is Introducing Multiverse Marvel Characters

Here’s what we know about the new Disney+ series plans for Multiverse Lokis to appear.

3 years ago

anthony mackie

Anthony Mackie May Bail On Marvel For Another Franchise?

Would Anthony Mackie bail on Marvel? If so, for what? A new rumor suggests he’s looking to new prospects.

3 years ago

elizabeth olsen scarlet witch avengers

Elizabeth Olsen’s Next Appearance As Scarlet Witch Revealed?

Elizabeth Olsen is in talks with Marvel for an unexpected project.

3 years ago

sebastian stan

Sebastian Stan Suffered A Serious Injury

Sebastian Stan injured himself during filming a Marvel project.

3 years ago

marvel studios tilda swinton

Marvel Studios Apologizes For Whitewashing

Marvel Studios is walking back their stance on casting Tilda Swinton.

3 years ago

kevin bacon

Kevin Bacon Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game would be a lot better with a Marvel movie in the mix.

3 years ago

doctor strange 2 benedict cumberbatch

Doctor Strange 2 Plot And Main Villain Revealed

The Doctor Strange 2 plot is starting to come better into focus.

3 years ago


Marvel’s Shang-Chi And The Legend of the Ten Rings: Everything We Know

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is coming in Marvel’s phase 4. If the world was in its proper place, we’d already be knee-deep into Phase 4.

midnight sons marvel

Midnight Sons Movie Will Bring Together Four Major Marvel Superheroes

Midnight Sons is shaping up to be a supernatural Avengers.

3 years ago

eric bana

Eric Bana Returning As The Hulk?

Is Eric Bana planning a return as the Hulk?

3 years ago

brie larson captain marvel

Brie Larson Will Lead The Avengers?

Brie Larson might be the new leader of the Avengers.

3 years ago


Exclusive: She-Hulk’s Villain Is One Of The Stars Of NBC’s The Good Place

The villain of She-Hulk has been found.

3 years ago

sebastian stan

Sebastian Stan Is Becoming A New Superhero

Sebastian Stan will return as a new Marvel superhero.

3 years ago

captain america spock

We’re Getting An Asian Captain America

An Asian Captain America is coming to the big screen.

3 years ago


Marvel Shows Don’t Have Any Showrunners

Marvel shows are being made and produced in a very different way. Namely, they don’t have any showrunners leading the production

3 years ago