See Tom Cruise and Marvel Star On Set For Mission Impossible 7

This new update from Mission Impossible 7 shows Tom Cruise on-set with his new co-star.

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

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Hayley Atwell gave fans a brief look behind the scenes of Tom Cruise filming the new Mission Impossible movie as they wait for the long-delayed production to finally wrap up. 

The seventh installment in the adventures of Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt has seemingly been in production forever thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic waylaying its production and release date several times. Now, we’re finally getting a look behind-the-scenes, showing the movie is making progress. See the new photo from Hayley Atwell below.

Last week, Hayley Atwell, best known by many as Agent Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who just helped launch the franchise’s first animated series What If…?, shared a black-and-white image of herself and Tom Cruise on the set of the upcoming action movie. The snap shows the movie star behind the wheel of a car while she poses in the passenger seat with her head on his shoulder. The two are all smiles as they mug for the photographer, who she revealed in the caption to be none other than the film’s director, Christopher McQuarrie. In addition to being an on-set shutterbug, McQuarrie previously directed Tom Cruise in the 2015 installment Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and 2018’s Mission Impossible: Fallout

While the snap captured a nice moment between Haley Atwell and Tom Cruise on set, it doesn’t do much to tease fans about what’s in store when Ethan Hunt and the gang bring the action franchise back for the seventh time. Fortunately, her photo isn’t the only teaser out from the Mission Impossible 7 set in recent days. 

The BBC reports that those in Derbyshire in the U.K. captured some video of a train stunt for the Tom Cruise movie that was subsequently posted to social media. Apparently, crew members had been building the set for months. It was used for a scene in the movie that will see a black steam-powered train plummet off a cliff in a fiery explosion. Locals noted that Tom Cruise was on hand to witness the big stunt. It’s unclear if he was doing so in character or simply as himself — after all, who wouldn’t want to watch a train (with no people inside) take a nosedive off a cliff and cause a massive explosion?!

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A local told the outlet that Tom Cruise even flew himself to the set in a helicopter on the day. This isn’t surprising given that he typically likes to perform his own stunts and tends to be a bit of a thrill-seeker in real life. 

Unfortunately for Tom Cruise, he’s been forced to stay working on Mission Impossible 7 for a lot longer than he initially planned. In June, production had to be completely shut down for two weeks after a key member of the crew tested positive for COVID-19. The set previously shut down in February of 2020 just as the pandemic was beginning across the globe. 

Hopefully, now that the big train stunt is shot and in the can, fans won’t have to wait too much longer to see Tom Cruise reprise his role as Ethan Hunt once again alongside fellow returning stars like Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames and Vanessa Kirby along with newcomers like Hayley Atwell, Rebecca Ferguson and Henry Czerny.

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