Exclusive: Sebastian Stan Returning In Captain America 4

We've exclusively learned that Sebastian Stan will be returning in Marvel's Captain America 4.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Captain America 4 is happening. For a while, there were a lot of questions around whether Anthony Mackie or Chris Evans would hold the shield for Marvel. It was just confirmed that Anthony Mackie has closed his deal and will officially be Captain America for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But are we really to believe that the studio has been talking to Anthony Mackie and not Sebastian Stan as well? After the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, that just doesn’t sit right. After checking in with one trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot, we’ve learned that Sebastian Stan will in fact be returning as Bucky Barnes for Captain America 4.

It’s good to know that Marvel has their ducks in a row and is lining up the actors they need for this next big movie. After the developments for their characters in the Disney+ series, it would be a shame to not see the character fans have gotten to know over the last decade, especially after all of his development on the show. Bucky Barnes is in an interesting place right now. Fans want to know where that goes next. We were unable to learn how the story will develop for his character in Captain America 4. However, it seems like Marvel is laying the groundwork for what fans expect as they get started planning this one. They’ve developed Sam and Bucky throughout their series. They’ve got Anthony Mackie and now Sebastian Stan on board. The next logical step for Bucky Barnes is to grow into the White Wolf title.

This is another piece they’ve laid the groundwork for, having mentioned it a few times. By the end of the Disney+ series, Anthony Mackie was listed as Captain America. Fans had questions about why the same wasn’t true for Sebastian Stan. However, while his character has grown and developed, and come to a better place of healing, he wasn’t really there yet, even if the name has been mentioned a few times. What will this title mean for Bucky Barnes and how he moves forward in his life? That title will need meaning for audiences, and hopefully, that’s what will happen in this next Marvel adventure.

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At the end of Black Panther, many were surprised when the credits scene had Sebastian Stan himself. There he was, in Wakanda, with children calling him The White Wolf. The characters in the movie commented on him being someone to fix. We saw Anthony Mackie’s character doing the work of pushing him toward healing most recently in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. With so many little hints over the years, audiences are going to expect Captain America 4 to show us what will really mean for him and the wider Marvel world.

Sebastian Stan has said that he’d had hopes to film scenes for the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Chadwick Boseman again, who played T’Challa, but after the actor’s passing Marvel announced that they wouldn’t recast. The director of Falcon and the Winter Soldier said that they feel he’s on this healing path, but couldn’t say whether he’d return to Wakanda or how anything with White Wolf would develop. With T’Challa out, and everything we saw established in the recent series, Captain America 4’s story for Sebastian Stan will hopefully show audiences more results from all this work on developing his character so far.