Marvel’s Avengers Bringing Fan-Favorite Character To The Roster

Marvel's Avengers is about to see a new character join the group.

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Crystal Dynamics brings a fan-favorite character to the 2020’s Marvel’s Avengers video game – the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The superhero was previously announced for 2021 but has been omitted from the upcoming expansion, prompting the fandom to question what and where the hold-up is. Well, we’ve got the news: despite the delay, Spider-Man is coming to Marvel’s Avengers in 2021.

According to IGN, Marvel’s Avengers senior game designer Scott Walters officially confirmed that Spider-Man is still on track to appear in the game before the end of 2021. The character was scheduled for a 2021 release since the beginning, and that plan hasn’t changed dramatically, despite the ongoing challenges brought by the worldwide pandemic, which caused many aspects of the gaming industry to shift.

Despite the fandom’s yearning to see their favorite comic book character in the Marvel’s Avengers video game, the game’s development team never gave Spider-Man a concrete release window, besides saying he wouldn’t join the character roster before Black Panther. This could mean that the web-slinger is set to appear after the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers expansion launch tomorrow, on August 17, but before the end of 2021. Interestingly enough, Spider-Man’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe came just a couple of minutes after Black Panther’s debut in the very same film, 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.

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The upcoming Marvel’s Avengers expansion, the War for Wakanda, is a highly anticipated massive update to the game, bringing plenty of new content and features and introducing Wakandan king T’Challa, also known as the Black Panther. Unfortunately, due to Chadwick Boseman’s tragic and untimely passing, the new version of Black Panther/T’Challa will be voiced by Christopher Judge – the voice and motion actor of Kratos from the PlayStation’s critically acclaimed God of War franchise.

It’s worth noting that War for Wakanda stands as the last entry on the 2021 Content Roadmap, which clearly doesn’t include Spider-Man – a hero the game developers announced one year ago, on August 2020. Instead, he was planned to release early in 2021 as a PlayStation-exclusive character, which stirred frustrations for non-PlayStation players and raised some questions about the game’s future. And while Spider-Man’s addition to Marvel’s Avengers as an exclusive PlayStation character makes a great deal for Sony, it makes a lousy one for players on other platforms, which won’t receive platform-exclusive characters to balance things out. Not all that surprising, though, given Sony’s ownership of the Spider-Man cinematic franchise.

Unfortunately, despite the comforting news that the hero will appear in Marvel’s Avengers in 2021, no specific date was mentioned. As far as we’re all concerned, it can happen anytime between tomorrow and the end of the year. Hopefully, the friendly neighborhood and comic book veteran character Spider-Man will be part of the next major content update for the game that hasn’t been a fan favorite for a while now. Initially, Marvel’s Avengers received harsh criticism for its lack of content, and utterly uninspiring single-player mode, with multiplayer being one of the game’s most exciting features. Hopefully, tomorrow’s launch of War for Wakanda and subsequent, though not precisely defined appearance of Spider-Man, might still redeem the title in gamers’ eyes.

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