Marvel’s Avengers Getting A Major Update

Marvel's Avengers is getting a crucial addition.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Marvel’s Avengers is getting incredibly new features in its upcoming monthly update, which will allow players to play multiple versions of their favorite heroes at the same time as part of the now-made-permanent Tachyon Anomaly Event. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics revealed the update’s release as a pre-War for Wakanda Expansion update, bringing plenty of new features to the game.

After testing the Tachyon Anomaly feature as a time-limited event, Marvel’s Avengers will allow multiple players within the same team, play as the same hero as of July’s content update. Square Enix detailed this and many other upcoming changes in a Roadmap update for July, basing their decision on players’ feedback. As of next month’s update, players will be able to team up same heroes during matchmaking and when forming Strike Teams in the game.

This original Tachyon Anomaly Event, which happened in April, allowed players to play as multiples of the same hero within one party, which created a much more flexible group environment – albeit only for the event’s duration of two weeks. The event’s massive success, alongside the fandom’s outcry, prompted Square Enix to “promote” the event into a fully functional feature of the Marvel’s Avengers game, enabling players to group up with whatever cadre of heroes they want. However, the permanent Tachyon improvement isn’t the star of the upcoming July update.

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The main star of the upcoming July update is Marvel’s Avengers First Omega Level Threat, called Family Reunion, which is believed to be the game’s raid equivalent and the most challenging content to date. From what it’s known, the mission will culminate in a chaotic fight against the Super-Adaptoid – which now wields astonishing new abilities. Apart from the Omega Level Threat, the players can also jump into multiplayer Mega Hives in July, in which they’ll have to cycle through playable heroes whenever they die, making Mega Hives into incredibly lengthy but generously rewarding missions.

In their less interesting improvements, Crystal Dynamics altered the title of “Additional Content and Features” to say “In Development,” signaling that they’re actively being worked on. This includes additional Omega Level Threat missions, Patrol Mode, which is now pushed past War for Wakanda expansion’s release, power cap increase, and new war zones and Assignments within the Wastelands Region. Ongoing improvements include class balance tuning, gear and progression tuning, collectible comics system, and enhancements to online matchmaking.

The July update is the last in the line of updates before the new War for Wakanda expansion launches in August, bringing plenty of new missions and enemies, new outposts, the Wakanda Jungle Biome, and a new playable hero, Black Panther – whose cinematic counterpart is expecting a sequel. This news comes after the infamous June update, which introduced a potential security concern by displaying the PS5 player’s IP address on screen while playing, which typically concerned streamers. Luckily, the problem was patched shortly after the issues arose.  

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The War for Wakanda expansion still has no firm release date at the time of this writing, nor was one provided by Square Enix, who are seemingly busy developing the new Guardians of the Galaxy game. In conclusion, Square Enix’s focus on the new expansion responds to the fandom’s initial outcry over the game’s lack of content and boring single-player mode – to this day, the Marvel’s Avengers’ most exciting aspect is precisely the game’s multiplayer.