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There are some cool and crazy questions that come out of the major comic book franchises. We’ll dive into those here.

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Latest Marvel News

lena headey

Lena Headey And Jeff Goldblum Scenes From Thor 4 Not Being Released?

Lena Headey and Jeff Goldblum were announced to have been cut from Thor: Love and Thunder, and now it seems we will never see those scenes.

2 years ago

christian bale thor

Marvel Villains Are Overshadowing Their Heroes?

It might be time to say let go of the heroes that are leftover from the events of Endgame, as it has been stated that the Marvel villains are now overshadowing the heroes.

2 years ago

marvel zombies canceled

Marvel Studios Workers Boycott After Revealing Allegedly Awful Working Conditions

Disney is in trouble again, as there are a ton of workers that are talking about a Marvel boycott, as they have shared plenty of stories of poor working conditions.

2 years ago

anthony mackie the mandalorian

Captain America 4 Has Found A Director

The MCU is moving forward with Sam Wilson as Captain America. The studio has announced that Captain America 4 has finally found its director.

2 years ago

Taika Waititi

Taika Waititi Harshly Responds To Director’s Cuts

Taika Waititi let his opinions be known about making a director’s cut for Thor: Love and Thunder, and fans might not want to expect that to happen.

2 years ago

marvel morbius

Marvel Director To Adapt One Of The World’s Most Acclaimed Plays

One of the upcoming and famed directors in the MCU has been tasked with adapting one of the most famous stageplays ever created.

2 years ago

she-hulk tatiana maslany

She-Hulk Inspired By Influential Trans Artist

Tatiana Maslany recently revealed that she brought in inspiration from many places, including a trans musician that helped her to get into character.

2 years ago

Deadpool 3 shatterstar

Deadpool’s Deleted Doctor Strange 2 Appearance Revealed

Everyone has been wondering when Deadpool was going to join the MCU. Though he officially will in his third sequel film, he was meant to show up in Doctor Strange 2.

2 years ago

scarlett johansson chris evans

Chris Evans Lays Down The Law About Captain America

Chris Evans was recently involved in another rumor about returning to Captain America. He simply tweeted his response to this rumor.

2 years ago

reservation dogs season 2

See Taika Waititi’s Most Acclaimed Series Season 2 Trailer

Taika Waititi’s most acclaimed television series is back for a second season and we have the trailer to prove it.

2 years ago

x-men days of future past

Marvel X-Men Reboot Takes Huge Step Forward

Marvel is bringing back the X-Men and we’re finally about to get some long-awaited big news about the project. But …

2 years ago

worst batman

Christian Bale Ridiculed Over Batman Performance

Who’s laughing now?

2 years ago

brett goldstein hercules

Brett Goldstein Is Marvel’s Hercules, Our Scoop Confirmed

We told you it was coming.

2 years ago

james cameron natalie portman

Natalie Portman Reveals Numerous Thor: Love And Thunder Cut Scenes

Can you say “extended cut?”

2 years ago

charlie cox star wars

Exclusive: Charlie Cox In Talks For Star Wars Role

According to our trusted and proven sources, Daredevil himself, Charlie Cox, might be joining the Star Wars universe soon.

2 years ago

thor: love and thunder tickets

Thor: Love And Thunder Shot Its Best Scene In A Parking Lot

A great filmmaker can take the smallest of things and turn it into something grand. That is the case for Thor: Love and Thunder, as the best scene was shot in a parking lot.

2 years ago

doctor strange 2

Doctor Strange 2’s Illuminati World Had A Better Tony Stark

According to a Marvel producer, one of the parallel worlds in Doctor Strange 2 had a better, smarter version of Tony Stark.

2 years ago

cillian murphy peaky blinders

See Cillian Murphy As Marvel’s Doctor Doom

Cillian Murphy is one of the best actors on the planet, and now the Peaky Blinders legend has been turned into Doctor Doom in some new fan art.

2 years ago

the gray man chris evans

Chris Evans Making A Netflix Movie About A Massive Medical Conspiracy

Chris Evans continues to shake off Captain America with a new movie about criminal medical activities in Florida.

2 years ago

margot robbie

Exclusive: Margot Robbie In Final Talks For Major Marvel Role

Her comic book movie adventures have just begun.

2 years ago

elizabeth olsen

Elizabeth Olsen Refused To Watch Doctor Strange 2 For A Strange Reason

Elizabeth Olsen admitted that she watches most of her films, as she wants to study what she has done in her performance, though she has not watched Doctor Strange 2.

2 years ago

Miles Teller

See Miles Teller As Marvel’s Nova

We have a brilliant look at what actor Miles Teller might look like as Marvel’s Nova and it is pretty cosmic.

2 years ago

hugh jackman wolverine

Exclusive: Russo Brothers Interested In Wolverine Movie

According to our trusted and proven sources, the Russo Brothers are sniffing around the prospect of a solo Wolverine movie.

2 years ago

hugh jackman wolverine

Guardians Of The Galaxy Actor Wants To Play Wolverine For Marvel

A famed actor from the Guardians of the Galaxy has now officially asked Marvel to look into him taking on the role of Wolverine.

2 years ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger marvel

Exclusive: Arnold Schwarzenegger In Talks For Marvel Villain Role

According to our trusted and proven sources, Arnold Schwarzenegger is up for a role at Marvel and we have a guess as to who he could play.

2 years ago

Marvel She-Hulk disney marvel

See The All-New She-Hulk Redesign

Disney+ has decided to redesign the CGI She-Hulk character, after there had been a massive fan outcry for the way the character looked in the intital trailers.

2 years ago

thor: love and thunder marvel hercules chris hemsworth

Thor: Love And Thunder Rotten Tomatoes Score Has Fans Shocked

The Rotten Tomatoes score for Thor: Love and Thunder has dropped, and fans are shocked at what the critics are having to say about the new MCU entry.

2 years ago

loki season 2 tom hiddleston

Loki Season 2 Has Major Connections To Marvel’s Worst Movie

Will it connect more to the movies?

2 years ago

doctor strange sorcerer supreme

Sam Raimi Had To Beg To Keep A Doctor Strange 2 Scene

Sam Raimi returned to direct a Marvel feature when he signed on for Doctor Strange 2, but he had to beg to keep a scene from being deleted.

2 years ago

Namor Marvel

Your First Look Black Panther 2’s Namor

Internet sleuths have once again uncovered what might have been a secret in the MCU world, as images of both Namor and Atuma have now appeared online.

2 years ago