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Latest Marvel News

best phase 1 villain

Fans Overwhelmingly Choose The Best Phase 1 Marvel Villain

Fans voted on the Best Phase 1 Villain from Marvel and the results were a landslide. On of these bad guys stood well out from the rest

3 years ago

robert downey jr iron man

Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man Villains To Be Revived In Armor Wars?

Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man villains might be returning in the new series Armor Wars.

3 years ago

stan lee marvel avengers dc slugfest

Marvel Is Suing Stan Lee’s Family To Keep Avengers Characters

Stan Lee’s legacy of Marvel superheroes is in a treacherous spot with a new lawsuit.

3 years ago

dan stevens eternals villain

Dan Stevens’ Eternals Villain Revealed

We finally know who Dan Stevens is in Eternals and it looks like he’s the villain.

3 years ago

venom 2

See Venom As A New Skin In Fortnite

Venom has joined Fortnite with a new exclusive skin.

3 years ago

spider-man doctor strange steve ditko

Steve Ditko Estate Suing Marvel For The Rights To Spider-Man And Doctor Strange

Heirs of the late Steve Ditko, who walked away from his creations years ago, are now seeking to reclaim their rights to the characters.

3 years ago

eternals trailer

Marvel’s Eternals Features Sexuality According To Its Rating

The rating for Eternals is official, and apparently the movie’s going to get at least a little steamy.

3 years ago

scarlett johansson

Scarlett Johansson Lawsuit Just Changed Disney Forever

The Scarlett Johansson lawsuit has permanently affect the future of Disney.

3 years ago

megan fox

See Megan Fox Go Full Vampire In Night Teeth Trailer

Check out the trailer for Megan Fox’s new horror thriller Night Teeth!

3 years ago

lena headey

Exclusive: Kevin Feige Wants Lena Headey And Other Game Of Thrones Actors In The Marvel Universe

We’ve exclusively learned that Marvel is looking at Lena Headey and other Game of Thrones actors for future roles.

3 years ago

henry rollins rock guitar

An Iconic Rock Star Is Joining The Marvel Universe

An iconic rock star is going to be playing a Marvel Comics character!

3 years ago


Exclusive: Kevin Feige Wants Spider-Gwen In Two Major Marvel Movies

We’ve exclusively learned that Kevin Feige is ready to get Spider-Gwen into two marvel movies.

3 years ago

scarlett johansson

Disney CEO Defends Studio Against Scarlett Johansson Lawsuit

The Disney CEO is defending the company’s actions in the Scarlett Johansson lawsuit.

3 years ago

patrick stewart professor x marvel

See Patrick Stewart Revealed In Upcoming Marvel Universe Movie?

Patrick Stewart looks to have been revealed as Professor X in a new MArvel movie.

3 years ago

salma hayek

Exclusive: Salma Hayek’s Fate In Eternals Revealed

We’ve exclusively learned the fate of Salma Hayek’s character in Eternals.

3 years ago

tessa thompson

Exclusive: Tessa Thompson Valkyrie Show In The Works

We’ve exclusively learned that Tessa Thompson has a Valkyrie series in development.

3 years ago

anna paquin deadpool 3

Exclusive: Rogue Solo Series In Development

We’ve exclusively learned that a Rogue series is in development.

3 years ago

marisa tomei spider-man no way home

Exclusive: Marisa Tomei’s Fate In Spider-Man: No Way Home Revealed

We’ve exclusively learned a big reveal for Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

3 years ago

x-men marvel feature

Marvel Moving Towards Taking The “Men” Out Of X-Men And Making Them Sing?

It looks like Marvel will be taking “Men” out of X-Men when the group hits the big screen. And there could be a musical element as well

3 years ago

marvel vfx

Marvel Star Waiting For A Call To Return To Their Emmy-Nominated Role

This Marvel star wants back in their Emmy nominated role, and they’re just waiting for the call!

3 years ago

spider-man 4 villain

Spider-Man 4 Villain Has Been Revealed And Fans Are Going To Be Thrilled

We know who the Spider-Man 4 villain is going to be!

3 years ago


An Upcoming Marvel Movie Just Barely Avoided An R-Rating

An upcoming Marvel movie almost had an R-rating!

3 years ago

zendaya dune

Dune Director Slams Marvel Movies As Unoriginal

The director of Dune has some harsh opinions on Marvel movies. Here’s what he had to say.

3 years ago

hugh jackman wolverine

Exclusive: Kevin Feige Wants An R-Rated Wolverine Movie

We’ve exclusively learned that Kevin Feige has plans for a solo R-rated Wolverine movie.

3 years ago

marvel zombies what if

Marvel Zombies Live-Action Project In The Works?

A live-action Marvel Zombies project may be in the works. Here’s what we’re hearing.

3 years ago

tom hardy tom holland venom spider-man

Tom Hardy’s Venom Confirmed To Meet Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

Tom Hardy and Tom Holland are going to meet in an upcoming Marvel movie.

3 years ago

Captain America Chris Evans

Chris Evans Playing Thor In New Marvel Project?

Could Chris Evans be playing Thor in a new Marvel project?

3 years ago

daniel craig james bond skyfall

Exclusive: Daniel Craig In Talks For Marvel Universe Roles

We’ve exclusively learned that Daniel Craig is talking to Marvel about future roles.

3 years ago

margot robbie

Margot Robbie Appearing In An Upcoming Marvel Movie?

Will we soon see Margot Robbie in a project for the Marvel Universe?

3 years ago

i am groot, guardians of the galaxy 3

Get Your First Ever Look At Guardians Of the Galaxy 3

James Gunn has shared the first ever look at Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

3 years ago