Brie Larson Responds To Captain Marvel Fan Art Gone Awry

While this wasn't how the original poster saw their work going, the attention from Brie Larson and the art itself does make a fun story for them to share.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Brie Larson Captain Marvel feature

Compared to the vast amounts of fanart across the internet, actors only ever share a minuscule sampling of it. When they do, it’s usually to say, “Great work!” and “Amazing!”, keeping the interaction brief but appreciative. Recently, one fan of Captain Marvel shared some of their art on Twitter, with a look at how their intentions had been interrupted. The original poster shared that they had been working on Captain Marvel fanart, drawing everything for the body before deciding to take a break and fill in Brie Larson’s facial features later. While they stepped away, their younger cousin jumped in to help. The result was a very unenthusiastic Carol Danvers.

Brie Larson then shared the original post, writing in her own caption for the work. You can see the actress’s words and the original art in the tweet below.

It isn’t every day that someone’s fanart gets retweeted by the Marvel star. While this wasn’t how the original poster saw their work going, the attention from Brie Larson and the art itself does make a fun story for them to share.

Brie Larson has had an interesting career so far. She started acting professionally when she was still a child. Now, at 32 years old, the actress has won an Oscar, been a regular on television series, and had a music career. Today, she’s most well known for her role as Captain Marvel, also known as Carol Danvers. She’s had her own solo movie debut for the franchise in Captain Marvel, made a key appearance in Avengers: Endgame, and was most recently spotted in the end-credits scene for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Only a little over a month ago, Brie Larson finished filming on The Marvels. The film doesn’t release until February 17, 2023, which means that not much is known yet about the movie itself. We do know that Brie Larson will be joined by Monica Rambeau and Kalama Khan (also known as Ms. Marvel) for the movie. Recently, Brie Larson posted a photo of a necklace showing a new logo for The Marvels. This raised a lot of interest with fans. The logo appears to blend together logos for the other two characters. It seems to be further confirmation that The Marvels will not be a solo film for Carol Danvers like Captain Marvel was, but instead a true team-up story. If the three heroes are a team like the Avengers, worthy of their own logo, it signals that the movie may be a true ensemble story.

It may be a few months yet before more details come out about The Marvels, but Brie Larson is starting to share little pieces of information here and there. More is sure to be revealed over the course of the next year. For now, Brie Larson is sharing quick looks at her life through her Instagram and her podcast, Learning Lots, with her co-host Jessie Ennis.

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