Letitia Wright Is Done With Marvel, Heat Vision Fails To Debunk Our Report

By Faith McKay | 13 seconds ago

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Several days ago, Giant Freakin Robot shared an exclusive report concerning Letitia Wright’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Our trusted and proven inside source alleges that Letitia Wright doesn’t want to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe because she is unwilling to get the vaccine. Our report stated that if true, we don’t know what this means for Black Panther 2. Our source’s allegations applied to her wider Marvel Cinematic Universe future.

Shortly after publication, news of our report was trending on Twitter. The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision is now reporting that they checked with their sources, who claim that Black Panther 2 production is set to resume filming in January, with Letitia Wright. That’s great news. Unfortunately, it does nothing to debunk the allegations from our source. Our report specified that we haven’t heard any information on what the new allegations could mean for her return to Black Panther 2. If true, our source’s claims would reflect in her wider Marvel Cinematic Universe future.

Other outlets, like The Hollywood Reporter, have shared that their sources claim the actress is unvaccinated. Earlier this year Disney issued a COVID-19 vaccination mandate requiring their casts and crews to be vaccinated. As far as reports indicate, that mandate doesn’t apply to Black Panther 2, which had already begun production when the mandate was issued, but will apply to future productions in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If sources for both The Hollywood Reporter and Newsweek are correct, and Letitia Wright is unvaccinated, then it makes sense that the actress may not want to return to productions for Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that require the cast and crew to be vaccinated. The actress herself has not disclosed her vaccination status. If true, she would not be the first person in Hollywood to leave over vaccination mandate requirements.

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Vaccination requirements are still new. No one knows if they’ll still be required in 2023, or even further down the line. If this alleged report is true, there is still plenty of room for Letitia Wright to change her mind. There is also room for her to talk to Disney. There are a lot of factors that could change. This is a big decision for the future of her career. Shuri is a fan-favorite role and one that would be great for audiences to have the chance to see in many movies down the road. There are many characters in Marvel who’ve been in films over the course of a decade now.

At this time, our source alleged that Letitia Wright wants to leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe because she doesn’t want to get the vaccine, but those claims are only about the actress’s current state of mind. They did not say she made any steps like quitting. They did not say that she made any decisions about Black Panther 2. That is something we had a lot of questions about. While The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision claims that she is definitely returning to the set of Black Panther 2 when it resumes production, there are still no further updates on her wider Marvel Cinematic Universe future, or how that might impact the story for Shuri in Black Panther 2.