Ryan Reynolds Went To Extreme Lengths For A Deadpool Comic Character Detail Few Fans Noticed

Ryan Reynolds went to extreme lengths to make sure a Deadpool detail was included in the first movie. It was a minor but important detail

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Ryan Reynolds has had a plethora of varied work as an actor. His long career has included romantic comedies as well as more serious fare. But at this point in his career, the actor is most notable for his portrayal of Deadpool. The disfigured mercenary is known for his quick wit and was a perfect match for Reynolds’ personality. Even now, Reynolds’ dedication to the character is evident after one detail was revealed on Twitter.

Some fans may have noted that in an early scene in Deadpool, Wade Wilson is wearing a Bea Arthur shirt. This is a nod to the original character who had a particular love of The Golden Girls. But what fans may not know is the lengths that Ryan Reynolds went to obtain the rights to display her likeness.

At the time, Ryan Reynolds secretly paid $10,000 just to stay true to character. And as Reynolds himself confirmed on Twitter, that amount was donated to Bea Arthur’s favorite charity. The actor often personifies the character Deadpool and can be seen on social media making many pithy remarks. But his charitable works are also notable. Just this past year, Reynolds and his wife, actress Blake Lively, donated $1 million dollars to food charities (via CNN). This is in addition to the vast charities he already works with as well as his charity feud with Hugh Jackman (per CinemaBlend).

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman became acquainted during the ill-fated Wolverine: Origins film. The film depicted the fan-favorite character before he joined the X-Men. However, the movie had many glaring flaws, including the depiction of Deadpool (per Vulture). Reynolds portrayed the mercenary in his first live-action appearance. While Deadpool’s personality remained intact, they changed many aspects about the Weapon X program. The failure of Wolverine: Origins implied that fans would never get to see Deadpool in action again. They were wrong.

Finally, in 2016, Deadpool returned. Ryan Reynolds connected so much to the character despite its failure to connect with audiences. He lobbied hard to continue with the character and was soon rewarded. Deadpool told the story of Wade Wilson’s actual origin story as well as his romance with romantic interest Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). The movie broke the fourth wall as well as many expectations. With a budget of $58 million, Deadpool made $785 million worldwide (via CBR). 

This made a sequel a no-brainer. Deadpool 2 came out in 2018. But very quickly the fate of Deadpool became doubtful. Disney acquired rights to 20th Century Fox which held the rights to X-Men properties. Fans became concerned that they would never see Ryan Reynolds portray the iconic character again. If it were not for Marvel’s creative producer Kevin Feige, many fans would still be in the dark. There has been little information about a potential third film. However, Feige recently eased the hearts and minds of fans alike. The producers confirmed that there is a Deadpool 3 in the works. “The script is in the works and Ryan [Reynolds] is working very hard on it with our writers as we speak,” Feige stated.

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Ryan Reynolds also confirmed that another Deadpool is likely. Though this is kept heavily under wraps, fans can still see the actor active on social media. Most recently, Reynolds made waves after a particularly controversial episode of the Sex and the City miniseries And Just Like That. In the recent episode, Mr. Big (Chris Noth) was shockingly killed off after taking his 1,000th class on Peloton. Upon the debut of the episode, Peleton’s stock prices suddenly dropped. The fitness company had no idea that their product was being featured in the episode and fired back.

In conjunction with Ryan Reynolds’ marketing company Maximum Effort, he and Peloton created a new ad with Chris Noth where he is very much alive and enjoying the health benefits included with cycling on Peloton (via Variety). Reynolds provides a voice-over speaking to these health benefits. While fans continue to wait for their favorite mercenary to return to theaters, there is no doubt that Reynolds will continue to be a pop-culture icon.

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