Ryan Reynolds Revealed The Odds Of Seeing Deadpool 3 Next Year

Thanks to Ryan Reynolds, we know the chances of seeing Deadpool 3 next year.

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Following Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Studios in 2019, the head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, announced Deadpool’s integration into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Of course, Feige immediately announced the sequel to Ryan Reynolds-fronted franchise, which hasn’t entered its production phase to this day. However, actor Ryan Reynolds, charged with portraying everyone’s favorite antihero of the last decade, just revealed the odds of seeing Deadpool 3 next year.

During his interview with Collider promoting his new movie Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds revealed that there’s a “70% chance” of Deadpool 3 starting production next year. Hesitant to put a time frame on the start day of the production, Reynolds could only offer a percentage chance, stating that they (he and the Molyneux sisters) are actively developing the project, and it’s getting into a pretty good shape.

Ryan Reynolds did offer an update on the film’s writing process, praising the Molyneux sisters, who seem to have taken well to the project. The third Deadpool movie should be interesting, especially now that it’s releasing under the MCU banner, and the superhero’s unique “flavor,” described by its MPA rating, isn’t exactly something the MCU tackled with before. Of course, that particular flavor was a welcome addition to the superhero genre, which, according to Matt Damon, is ruining cinema. Regardless, the new writing team strives to improve upon Ryan Reynold’s fantastic portrayal of Merc with the Mouth to keep Deadpool 3 fresh and prevent the entire franchise from going stale.

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As far as the MPA ratings go, Disney and the MCU have never released an R-rated superhero movie – setting Deadpool 3 as the first one ever. Despite the lack of R-rated movies in the cinematic universe, Kevin Feige assured the fans that Marvel Studios wouldn’t be curbing Deadpool’s unique style, allowing the cinematic franchise to retain its current MPA rating. However, Disney is very fond of G and PG ratings, as these allow the company to broadcast its content to a broader audience. And given its ownership over the Deadpool franchise, Ryan Reynolds might be getting two different cuts of Deadpool 3.

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool did make a teaser trailer for Deadpool 3 by featuring his first MCU crossover. The Merc with a Mouth did a react video alongside Korg, a Kronan warrior from Thor: Ragnarok. The entire point of the video was to promote Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming Free Guy, set to release on August 13, while subtly hinting at his (Deadpool’s) annexation to the MCU. In contrast, none of the X-men are officially a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite existing as a part of Marvel.

It’s worth noting that Marvel Studios hasn’t announced an official Deadpool 3 release date or who the movie’s director will be. Taika Waititi seems busy with his ongoing projects, though Ryan Reynolds might still reference Waititi in Deadpool 3. Whatever the case may be, it’s nice to know that the project is moving forward and that there’s at least some chance that it starts production next year.

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