Ryan Reynolds Putting Taika Waititi’s Threesome In Deadpool 3?

By Jason Collins | 1 week ago

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Ryan Reynolds is probably one of Hollywood’s busiest stars, given how he’s currently involved with over a dozen cinematic projects, as both actor and producer, including the highly-anticipated Deadpool 3 – a project we’ve heard very little about since its announcement. Still, it would seem that Reynolds writes more than reviews for his brand of whiskey. Apparently, Ryan Reynolds’ already writing jokes for Deadpool 3, one of which about the recent threesome moment between Taika Waititi, Tessa Thompson, and Rita Ora.

Scooper Daniel Richtman claims that the Canadian actor/producer Ryan Reynolds still makes time to write jokes for Deadpool 3, some of which are referencing paparazzi shots of Taika Waititi’s three-way kiss with Tessa Thompson and singer Rita Ora. Though it may sound like an invasion of privacy, the most sarcastic man on the planet and Waititi are close friends, having worked together in the past and on Reynolds’ upcoming Free Guy movie. So, it stands to reason that all jokes made at the expense of Waititi’s personal life won’t end up with a lawsuit against Deadpool 3 star Ryan Reynolds.

In fact, Deadpool’s roasts were always a sign of affection towards his victims – just look at Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s fake feud that started in 2009. They’re actually close friends off-camera, but that didn’t stop Reynolds from delivering derogatory commentary on Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. So, while there’s no official confirmation of Waititi’s “little mishap” being referenced in the upcoming Deadpool 3, it wouldn’t be surprising if Reynolds actually uses it as a joke – if it’s still a hot topic by the time Deadpool 3 releases.

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Ryan Reynolds is known for changing his dialogue in post-production, which is made possible due to Wade Wilson’s full-face mask. So, it’s highly probable that most jokes Reynolds’ currently writing won’t end up in the film’s final cut, including Waititi/Thompson/Ora supposed love triangle, assuming that there is one in the first place. For those unfamiliar with the story, the trio was photographed in a private setting by the paparazzi, following an all-night party at Taika Waititi’s home in Sidney. The cozy snaps show Waititi and his girlfriend Rita Ora, enjoying Tesa Thompson’s company as the ladies cozied into Taika, laughing and having a good time.

All seemed like good fun, but paparazzi caught some nose-to-nose contacts between the director, his girlfriend, and the Valkyrie actress, prompting many to believe they’re more intimate than previously thought of. Needless to say, the paparazzi shots gained traction in the media and caught the attention of the higher-ups at Marvel, who were unimpressed by the photographs. Reportedly, they reprimanded the director for the behavior exhibited in the pictures, as it is not what the studio’s looking to project in relation to one of their largest franchises, referring to Thor: Love and Thunder.

With everything said, Deadpool 3 is still in the script-writing phase at Marvel, with Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux holding the pen and Reynolds overseeing the project and contributing some material. Since it won’t start shooting until 2022, at the earliest, it’s safe to assume that Ryan Reynolds won’t put Waititi’s alleged threesome in his movie. But yet again, he’s been roasting Wolverine for over 12 years now, so no one’s actually safe from Merc with a Mouth – not even his friend Taika Waititi.