Exclusive: Daisy Ridley In Advanced Talks To Join The Marvel Universe

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

daisy ridley

For several years, Daisy Ridley lived and breathed Star Wars. She played Rey across three movies and voiced her character for video games and an animated series. She may be only 29 years old, but she is well aware of what signing on for a massive franchise means in terms of commitment. It’s been a couple of years since The Rise of Skywalker was released in movie theaters. There have been a few smaller movies to cross her path in the meantime, including a recent announcement that she is producing and starring in an indie drama. After all the work she did with Star Wars, will she want to return to a major franchise? Thanks to some inside information from a trusted and proven source for Giant Freakin Robot, we have learned that Daisy Ridley is currently in advanced talks for a role in the MCU.

We learned that these talks are far along at this point, which is promising. While that means they still have more to work out before they finalize a deal, Daisy Ridley is experienced enough that if she’s far along in talks, she probably knows what she wants to do. That’s not a guarantee that she’ll sign on the dotted line, but it is something fans can be hopeful about.

We were unable to learn what role has caught Daisy Ridley’s eye. Is she talking about a Marvel Cinematic Universe role for a project fans already know about? Or is this a deep Marvel secret still yet to be revealed? Is she looking at a Disney+ series or a movie for the big screen? The MCU has grown so large that the possibilities are nearly endless, and that makes it exciting. It’ll be interesting to see just how large of a role Daisy Ridley and Marvel believe is the right fit for her, after her run with Star Wars.

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In the past, Daisy Ridley has shared that she had a difficult time landing roles after her last run as Rey. She was the face of the trilogy. Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker made some creative decisions that were not met well by critics. The movie divided fans. While the actress says that everyone involved with that movie poured love into the project, it just didn’t hit. And that, apparently, made it difficult for her to find big roles in Hollywood. She has said that experience gave her time to better process the years she spent as the face of a franchise and that she’s grown wiser from the experience. Still, it sounded like she was hungry to get back into a major role again. Will this be a big part that puts her at the center of things again?

It’s worth mentioning that if Daisy Ridley signs on with the MCU, she’ll join the likes of Star Wars alum Oscar Isaac, who currently has his own series coming to Disney+. Oscar Isaac is set to play Moon Knight. At this point, the MCU is so big that it is very likely the pair will never meet on screen, but of course, it is possible.

While Rey’s Star Wars trilogy split fans, Daisy Ridley’s performance was compelling. She drew audiences in for her first adventure. Hopefully, this is a sign that Hollywood, and audiences, are ready to see her on-screen in a big way again.