Exclusive: Angelina Jolie In Talks To Direct Marvel Universe Movie

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

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Angelina Jolie’s most well-known work has been as an actress. She has many titles under her belt, including Disney’s Maleficent, dramas like Girl, Interrupted, and her recent Marvel appearance in Eternals. During her long career in the industry, she has stepped into other roles several times as a producer, writer, and director. While she’s mostly worked on dramatic contemporary movies, she’s now got something else in mind. After some work from a trusted and proven source for Giant Freakin Robot, we have learned that Angelina Jolie is in talks to direct a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

This is part of Angelina Jolie’s growing relationship with Disney and Marvel. Several months ago, Giant Freakin Robot also learned that, as an actress, Jolie was working on a deal for multiple Marvel Cinematic Universe appearances. Clearly, she has enjoyed her time playing Thena and working with the people at Marvel Studios. It’s interesting that now she’s looking to expand that work into directing for a Marvel movie.

While we know Angelina Jolie is talking to the studio about the project, we were unable to confirm what movie she’s looking at directing. It’s possible that she could be looking at directing something she would also act in as an actress. Her previous projects have mostly seen her both star and direct at the same time, so she has that experience, but it’s not a necessity. For example, she directed a Coen Brothers movie, Unbroken, which she didn’t act in. Still, it seems most likely that this would be a story she’s passionate about and includes people she’s enjoyed working with in the past.

angelina jolie marvel cinematic universe

Only a few weeks ago, Angelina Jolie did an interview alongside her Eternals co-star, Kumail Nanjiani, who plays Kingo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the time, she mentioned that she thought her character, Thena, and Kingo should have their own Marvel movie. She pointed out that the two characters are opposites who would play well off each other, with her character being more of an introvert and his more of an extrovert. Kumail Nanjiani then thanked the actress for bringing that idea up with the head of Marvel, Kevin Feige. That’s an important note. She’s been putting the idea out there in professional situations and to the public. It sounds like she could be testing the waters for the idea.

While it’s anyone’s guess what Marvel project Angelina Jolie wants to direct, this is a story she’s publicly shown a fair amount of interest in and is something that she might want to take on. Feige likes working with people who have a passion for their work, and this sounds like something that’s caught her interest. She’s also been vocal about wanting to work with specific people, at one point saying that she enjoyed the ensemble cast of Eternals, and that working with the director on the film was part of what initially encouraged her to sign with Marvel. It’s easy to believe that a specific story idea she can’t let go of is what’s driving her forward now.