Captain Marvel 2 Director Was Annoyed By One Controversial Avengers Moment

Captain Marvel 2 director Nia DaCosta was thrilled, then annoyed by the all-woman superhero scene in Endgame.

By Amber Glavin | Published

We all remember that moment: After Chris Evans’ Captain America finally called out those words we had been waiting to hear: “Avengers, Assemble!” Then, in true Marvel Cinematic Universe fashion, Endgame kept the chills coming: Portals opened left and right, Ant-Man got really, really big, as Brie Larson is surrounded by her fellow female heroes to thwart Thanos. Captain Marvel 2 director: Nia DaCosta, recently admitted to Entertainment Weekly, her reaction to this penultimate moment: “I got chills, then I was very annoyed.”

Nia DaCosta, like millions of others, was influenced by this moment and found herself wanting to explore the relational dynamic between the women of the Marvel Cinematic, and wants “2 more hours of this please!” referring to the impactful, controversial all-female moment in Avengers: Endgame

Avenger: Endgame

Captain Marvel actor Brie Larson echoed Nia DaCosta’s sentiments while speaking with Entertainment Weekly, noting that “I didn’t have to carry all of it” referring to her Captain Marvel 2 costars, Iman Vellani, and Teyonah Parris (Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau, respectively). Larson goes on to explain that part of Captain Marvel’s journey in this sequel is the realization that “to change the world can never just be on one person. It takes everybody to play their part.” Larson believes that this realization will propel Carol Danvers’ own journey onwards. It’s okay to ask for help, even if you’re Captain Marvel! 

Nia DaCosta’s has previously expressed her love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having noted that she has been a fan of the franchise for many years and has been hoping to join the universe at some point. Now that she is stepping in to direct Captain Marvel 2, she is bringing in an elevated outlook to explore the powerful interactions that Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, and Ms. Marvel all bring to the table. 

Captain Marvel 2, DaCosta teases, is about the tension of Carol and Monica having to “repair their relationship,” while Ms. Marvel brings a new aspect to the dynamic by putting Carol up on a pedestal of sorts (akin to how Monica used to see Carol when she was younger). While these differing points of view are sure to bring impactful moments to the big screen, director DaCosta tells Entertainment Weekly at Disney‘s D23, that she sees an opportunity for this trio to “become a little bit of a sisterhood.” 

And with every sisterhood comes the challenge to balance negativity as it arises, all while holding space for positivity, and joy when it comes. Most of their audience doesn’t have to accomplish this while also keeping an MCU-level threat at bay, but that’s why Captain Marvel 2 director, Nia DaCosta calls in the professionals. 

If that Avengers: Endgame scene left you craving more alpha-team, female-force vibes, director Nia DaCosta has got you covered. With her upcoming MCU directorial debut, she is delivering on her reaction to that Endgame team-up scene by bringing her own version of hours more of it. Hopefully, she can give audiences the intensity, and explore the bond, that only three power-packed female heroes can bring. 

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