Jared Leto Is Getting A Sequel To His Worst Movie Ever

Sony is working on Morbius 2 starring Jared Leto.

By Amber Glavin | Published

What time is it? That’s right! It’s MORBIN TIME. Again! As Sony still clings tight to its share of Spiderman, they are taking a chance and releasing a sequel to Jared Leto’s Morbius, as Morbius 2 is now getting the green light.

If audiences thought the memes would keep the doctor-turned villain away, it has done quite the opposite. Sony has seen the memes plastered on social media and is giving us more of Jared Leto in Morbius 2. While the blood-sucking thriller served up quite a lacking buffet on Rotten Tomatoes, dropping a critics’ score of 15%, that isn’t stopping Sony from exploring this story further.

morbius 2 jared leto

Michael Roman, the host of Everything Always, reports that Sony believes it can still swoop in and repair what damage has been done by going forward with a sequel to Morbius. Sony’s Morbius 2 will rely heavily on the star power of Jared Leto once again. While Leto’s peculiar but powerful presence wasn’t enough to keep seats filled, the studio is still moving forward with a sequel.

The film ended up darting in with a worldwide box office haul of $163 million. Starting with a $75 million dollar budget, Sony decided to re-release Morbius, though the result was not what the studio had hoped for. Just as Matt Smith’s, Loxias Crown kept Morbius guessing until the very end, Sony was disappointed as their re-release only brought in a total of $300,000. Still, Sony is banking on Jared Leto having more success with Morbius 2.

While Sony is exploring the world of living vampires again with Jared Leto and (Morbius 2? More Morbin?) Marvel Cinematic Universe kingpin, Kevin Feige is pioneering ahead with the upcoming Madame Web, and Kraven the Hunter films. Morbius is causing audiences to be a mix of excited, relieved, and a bit hesitant regarding these next Marvel installments. 

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s film Kraven the Hunter received a whopping nine-month extension on its release date. Moving from January 2023 to October 2023. While Dakota Johnson, and Sydney Sweeny’s upcoming Madame Web, only got its eight legs on a four-month extension. One has to wonder, does Kevin Feige’s supposed involvement in parts of Madame Web garner that shorter extension, and will he have any say on Jared Leto and Morbius 2?

While theater-going audiences weren’t too keen on the bloodsucker of the night flick, more comfortable, couch surfer, movie streamers are gaining a new appreciation for Morbius. Like most films, it is breathing another undead breath on the mega streaming platform: Netflix. According to Business Insider, at the beginning of September, it was the number 1 movie on Netflix, which could be why Sony is moving forward with Jared Leto and Morbius 2.

While in-person moviegoers, and Netflix and chill streamers may differ in opinion, Sony must be breathing a slight sigh of relief that their vision for this Sony Spider-Man universe character is being received well, and that banking on Jared Leto in Morbius 2 will wield some better results.

Sony might be taking a huge chance with Jared Leto and Morbius 2, but they are also banking on this Spider-Man universe that also includes Madame Web, Kraven the Hunter, and El Muerto.