Christian Bale Has R-Rated Scenes From Thor: Love And Thunder

Christian Bale filmed scenes for Thor: Love and Thunder that would only be appropriate for an R-Rating.

By Amber Glavin | Published

When Christian Bale entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe and stepped onto the multicolored set for Thor: Love and Thunder, he had some strong opinions about Gorr the God Butcher and his appearance. Some choices even made Chris Hemsworth’s Thor admit “Dude that’s a little too far.” Director Taika Waititi revealed that scenes were filmed that would only be appropriate in an R-rated movie and most likely won’t see the light of day anytime soon.

As dedicated comics fans know, Gorr the God Butcher is a force in power and stature. Christian Bale, being the creative artist that he is, figured out a way to flip this image on its head and deliver the villainous, supremely creepy Gorr the God Butcher by making him as unassuming and as much the opposite of Thor as possible. Bale told Inverse: 

The comics have him kind of as a giant, almost as big as Thor… We got to have a whole different take. It’s got to be shadow monsters and dark matter powers. Have him be skinny and waiflike and apparently no match for Thor.

Christian Bale is no stranger to real heroes who dabble in the dark, having played the Dark Knight for 3 films with his director in crime, Christopher Nolan. For Gorr, the God Butcher, he made the seemingly controversial choice to strip Gorr down to a more unassuming form, to directly contrast him with the huge frame of Asgardian gods. The focus of the character is his supernatural strength, instead of the giant muscles and CGI suits that audiences are used to seeing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

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Director Taika Waititi revealed to Insider that another fan favorite, the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) was also set to reprise his role in this technicolor explosion that is Thor: Love and Thunder. While his scenes were cut, and most likely won’t be seen even on Blu-Ray extras, anytime Goldblum gets to reprise a role must be fortunate for everyone involved.

As we imagine what lines the Grandmaster would have told his subjects, it’s also exciting to imagine what scenes and choices made even the god of thunder, Chris Hemsworth exclaims that “Dude, that’s a little too far!” Christian Bale, Hemsworth, and Waititi shot scenes for Thor: Love and Thunder knowing that they most likely wouldn’t end up in front of audiences. Yet, they wanted to see just how far they could push these characters. A few of those times elicited the reaction above from Hemsworth’s Thor. Yet, he still said that it was a “great joy to give it a shot.” 

Christian Bale’s choices for larger-than-life characters, while stripped down, are significant and bold. So one has to wonder, will he ever reprise his iconic Dark Knight again? His answer confidently has been a no… unless Christopher Nolan asked him to. He explained to Inverse that if Christopher Nolan himself had told him he had developed a new story for Batman, he would consider it, but not for any other reason.

The next place you can catch Bale is in the star-studded, packed cast film, Amsterdam, premiering October 7, 2022.