Exclusive: Star Trek 4 Is Cancelled, Paramount No Longer Making Star Trek Movies

Star Trek is dead. Or at least in movie form. Paramount was at one point working on three different Star Trek movie ideas.

By Liana Keane | Published

Star Trek Movies Cancelled

Star Trek is dead. Or at least in movie form. Paramount was at one point working on three different Star Trek movie ideas, but according to our sources all three of the Star Trek movie projects they once had in various stages of development are now totally cancelled.  

The same source that made us the first outlet anywhere to break the news that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is happening contacted us with this story. Talking about the state of Star Trek at Paramount our source says, “Paramount is no longer in the business of making Star Trek movies. They see it more as a television property and aren’t willing to invest in future Star Trek movies anymore. If one of the shows on CBS takes off that could change, but those shows aren’t generating enough interest.”

That Star Trek movie shutdown includes Star Trek 4, the movie that would have been a sequel to Star Trek: Beyond. At one point that movie was a lock, it was even offically announced by Paramount. However that movie is now dead.

Chris Pine
The Chris Pine era is over.

The cancellation of Star Trek’s future movies also includes the strange Star Trek movie project being developed by director Noah Hawley.

Hawley himself has in the past hinted at it, saying that Paramount had his movie on “hold”.  But his project isn’t on hold, they’ve totally scrapped it.  That probably explains why Hawley has been pretty free with talking about the movie’s plot, after months of keeping it secret. 

Talking about his now cancelled Star Trek movie Hawley says, “it’s an argument for why humanity should prevail and why we should come together and unite, which I think is important – to look at the United Federation of Planets and remember at some point Earth is what we are now and then we invented warp technology and met extraterrestrial life and everybody came together. But how? How did we get from where we are now to where they are then? And what happens if that utopian reality is challenged? There are times of challenge and war when we have to prove our values all over again. Maybe there’s a time in the Federation where this ideal is challenged and it won’t survive on its own. It needs to be saved.”

Noah Hawley’s plan actually sounds like a terrible idea. Another step in the direction of dark and dreary Trek which has to tear down the bright future ideals which make Star Trek so great. So good riddance to Noah Hawley. Noah Hawley has now moved on and is working on Fargo season 4. He knows it’s over, which is why he’s focused on his Amazon show.

Unfortunately it also means we’ll never get to see the Star Trek movie script written based on an idea by Quentin Tarantino.  That project was a spinoff of the classic Star Trek original series episode “A Piece of the Action” in which the crew of the Enterprise meets up with a planet full of gangsters. It’s the one where Captain Kirk has to drive a car and Spocko isn’t amused with his abilities. Here he is figuring out how to drive a stick…

Star Trek movie cancelled

So Star Trek is done with movies, at least for a while.  If Star Trek: Strange New Worlds turns out to be the big hit we’re hoping it can be, maybe that crew will someday end up transitioning to movies. Outside of that, expect Star Trek to stick with television for the foreseeable future. Maybe that’s where it belongs.