Star Trek Fans Responsible For Funniest Line In Discovery

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

The most recent season of Star Trek: Discovery has been a real blast from the past, with the latest episode (“Jinaal”) showing us a Trill ritual we haven’t seen since Deep Space Nine. This ritual put the mind of a Trill from the 24th century into the body of willing 32nd-century resident Dr. Culber. The ancient alien’s primary function was to reveal details about the research he once conducted into Progenitor technology. The episode found time for comedy, though, when the possessed Culber said, “wow, this guy really works out,” which is an homage to fans’ reaction to Wilson Cruz with his shirt off.

Rare To See The Crew Out Of Uniform, Especially In Their Undies

While it was always obvious that Dr. Culber actor Wilson Cruz was in good shape, Star Trek: Discovery never really reveals just how good a shape we are talking about. It’s not the kind of show where, like Kirk in The Original Series, characters frequently take off their shirts. For better or for worse, it’s certainly not like Enterprise, a show that invented a decontamination chamber, so we had a canonical reason to frequently show characters getting in their skivvies and rubbing each other down.

he Doctor Is Hiding A Six-Pack

How, then, do fans know just how jacked Wilson Cruz is? Some fans know this from his Instagram account, where he posts occasional photos as well as an annual thirst trap for Pride Day. Arguably, however, most fans know about how muscular this Discovery doctor is thanks to a 2020 GQ article.

The first thing you’ll notice clicking on that article is an image of Wilson Cruz looking insanely fit and athletic. If you can tear yourself away from the compelling sight of his abs, the article also describes his intense workout routine, one that involves a “stretching routine, a five-step core circuit, and his yoga practice,” all of which are simply a warmup to an intensive “hour’s worth of strength training.”

For fans who have only seen Cruz wearing that crisp white uniform on Discovery, reading about his insane workouts and seeing how impressively fit the actor 50-year-old actor stays is quite mind-blowing.

The Trill Knows What’s Up

All of that brings us back to the most recent episode of Star Trek: Discovery, where the alien Trill possessing Wilson Cruz’s Dr.Culber can’t help but offer his thoughts on the man’s body. After insisting that his knowledge of the Progenitors was hidden in a place they would have to walk to, the scientist encourages Captain Burnham to keep up with him because he’ll only have access to this body for a few hours. As they begin their journey, he looks down at his unzipped uniform and remarks, “Wow, this guy really works out.”

A Great Homage For Fans

star trek doctor

It’s a very funny moment in an episode of Discovery that (par for the course) is mostly very serious. As jokes go, it makes sense: certainly, if my brain ends up in someone else’s body, I’d immediately inspect the merchandise to see what kind of suit I’m piloting. In this episode, however, the joke is that much funnier because the Trill’s commentary on Culber’s body is a direct echo of what fans always say whenever they see Wilson Cruz with his shirt off.

What’s Next For Wilson Cruz After Discovery Ends?

Star Trek Discovery season 5

Now that Discovery has entered its final season, fans can look forward to seeing Wilson Cruz in other projects, including the upcoming films Fruit of the Poisonous Tree and Mother of the Bride. However, more than ever, I’m convinced that the athletic actor needs to release his own workout tape. It could help all of us nerds get in shape and maybe help us channel our sadness over the cancellation of Lower Decks into something positive.

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