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There are some cool and crazy questions that come out of the major comic book franchises. We’ll dive into those here.

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Latest Marvel News

Agatha: Darkhold Diaries Releases Revealing First Look That Drops Big Hint

Now that Loki’s second season has come and gone, many Marvel fans are waiting for the next big streaming hit …

4 months ago

wandavision spinoff

WandaVision Video Confirms Fan Theory, See The Evidence

Marvel’s WandaVision has been one of the best Disney+ MCU shows to date, with plenty of interesting implications for the …

4 months ago

Moon Knight Season 2 Actually Happening With Oscar Isaac?

Marvel has a TV problem. Their most recent new series, Secret Invasion, was maligned by critics and fans alike, leaving …

4 months ago

The Worst Marvel Show Still Getting Season 2?

If there are any (unironic) fans of She-Hulk, they might want to pay attention to this: according to ComicBookMovie, the high-ups at …

5 months ago

tom holland

Sony Releasing More Marvel Movies Than Marvel Next Year

The MCU has provided a reliable, steady stream of superhero films for over a decade now, but 2024 will see …

5 months ago

The Netflix Sci-Fi Action Thriller That Killed A Franchise

20 years ago, acclaimed director Ang Lee took on the task of launching a new superhero film series with Hulk, …

5 months ago

batman superman

Christopher Nolan Slaps Back Against Martin Scorsese Controversial Comments

In the battle between old white men and superhero movies, one director stands smack dab in the middle. Christopher Nolan …

5 months ago

charlie cox daredevil

Why Charlie Cox Thought Daredevil’s Return Was Impossible

Charlie Cox’s Daredevil was a quick standout in the early days of Marvel TV, but fans weren’t sure he would …

5 months ago

chris evans

Chris Evans Destroys Marvel Return Hopes

Marvel has faced a rough year of failing box office numbers and strike-induced slowdowns. With the future of the franchise …

5 months ago

Disney Is Falling Apart At The Box Office, What They’re Doing Wrong

It seems like Disney needs to wish upon a star if it wants its box office fortunes to turn around. …

5 months ago

guardians collector

Marvel Studios Killing Entire Project Division

Marvel Studios continues to recalibrate its approach after some underwhelming responses to recent projects, and it seems part of that …

5 months ago

Jon Hamm Wants To Join One Specific Billion-Dollar Franchise

In the time since the hit AMC drama Mad Men has come to an end, series lead Jon Hamm has …

5 months ago

chris hemsworth taika waititi

Taika Waititi Didn’t Care About Thor, Only Took Job For Money

Taika Waititi may have renewed interest in the MCU version of Thor in Thor: Ragnarok, but apparently, he didn’t have …

5 months ago

Elizabeth Olsen Getting Her Own Scarlet Witch Movie?

As any Marvel fan likely knows, Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch perished in the final climactic moments of 2022’s Doctor Strange …

5 months ago

Kevin Feige Leaving Marvel Studios After Behind-The-Scenes Troubles?

Kevin Feige has been the creative force behind Marvel studios since their first Disney-owned outings popularized the modern cinematic universe. …

5 months ago

Sam Raimi Returning To Save Avengers Sequel And Marvel?

It’s been a rough year for Marvel with the studio only having one major hit up against two under-performing titles. …

5 months ago

cillian murphy

Cillian Murphy Marvel’s Top Choice For Biggest Villain, Replacing Jonathan Majors?

As many know, Marvel is currently standing at a crossroads when it comes to the future of its films. Following …

5 months ago

marvel pet

Dogpool Revealed For Deadpool 3 And He Is Perfect

While those who celebrated were enjoying their Thanksgiving feasts, the bestest girl was also getting in on the celebrations and, …

5 months ago

ms. marvel

Iman Vellani Wants Nothing To Do With The Marvels Flopping At The Box Office

According to a write-up in Variety, Kamala Khan actress Iman Vellani has no interest in lingering on the ongoing box …

5 months ago

Marvel Acknowledges Avengers: Infinity War Mistake That Affects Thor

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has over thirty films and multiple TV shows, so there is bound to be a continuity …

5 months ago

The Marvels Continues To Embarrass By Setting Another Horrible Record

The Marvels had a historically disappointing opening weekend, but according to IndieWire, things are only getting worse. Its opening take …

5 months ago

The Depressing Reason Why Loki’s Sacrifice Means Nothing

The Marvel TV shows on Disney+ have proven to be largely hit or miss, and we’ve been hit fairly recently …

5 months ago

The Worst Marvel Movie Of All Time Continues To Get Hate Today

Phase Six of the MCU is just around the corner, and with that we’re going to see a much-needed Fantastic …

5 months ago

Captain America 4

Captain America: Brave New World Scrapping Action Scenes And Starting From Scratch

According to World of Reel, we’re going to have to wait quite a bit longer for Captain America: Brave New …

5 months ago

Marvel Needs An MCU Reboot, Here’s When It Should Happen And How

The comics that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is based on have often been rebooted and retconned over the years; now, …

5 months ago

Superman: Legacy Casts Marvel Star As Lex Luthor

A storm of talent has been brewing for DC’s Superman: Legacy and now, as Deadline reports, the film has found …

5 months ago

brie larson

The Marvels Sets Another Abysmal Record For The MCU

The days of Marvel conquering the box office are over. The MCU’s latest superhero flick was released on November 10 …

5 months ago

mads mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen Frontrunner For Greatest Marvel Villain

Rumor has it that Mads Mikkelsen is on the short-list of actors who could potentially portray Doctor Doom in the …

5 months ago

spider-man 4 villain

Spider-Man 4 Merging With Sony’s Venomverse

Early talk about Spider-Man 4 is already starting, with an indication that the new film in the series will be …

5 months ago

steven yeun marvel

Steven Yeun Marvel Role Revealed And It’s Unbelievably Powerful

Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, recently revealed that Steven Yeun will be playing the Sentry in an upcoming …

5 months ago