Netflix Cyberpunk Superhero Sequel Is Finally Streaming

By Douglas Helm | Published

code 8 part 2

Stephen and Robbie Amell’s 2019 dark cyberpunk superhero sci-fi Code 8 was an unexpected and underrated film that came out back in 2019. Now, the film finally has a sequel called Code 8: Part II that continues the story. The movie just hit Netflix, so make sure to go stream it if you’ve been waiting for this one.

The World Of Code 8

code 8 part ii

If you missed the first film, the world of Code 8: Part II is one where only 4 percent of the population have superhuman abilities. Those with powers are oppressed and policed in the fictional Lincoln City. The second film follows a teen girl who becomes the target of corrupt police officers after witnessing a cover-up, forcing her to enlist the help of an ex-con and a drug lord.

The Cast

code 8 part ii

Code 8: Part II sees Stephen Amell and his cousin Robbie Amell reprising their roles as Garrett Kelton and Connor Reed from the original. The film also stars Sirena Gulamgaus, Altair Vincent, Alex Mallari Jr., Moe Jeudy-Lamour, Aaron Abrams, and Jean Yoon, with Jeff Chan directing and co-writing the screenplay with Chris Pare, Sherren Lee, and Jess LaVercombe. Like the first film, the Amells are also on board as producers again.

A Grittier Superhero World

Code 8: Part II is definitely a unique take on the superhero genre, with the ostracization of super-powered individuals more closely resembling the X-Men than other recent superhero films. Also, it’s a much darker and more grounded take on how superpowers would affect society. If you’re getting a bit tired of superhero films from DC and Marvel, then this movie might be the perfect antidote for you.

A CW Reunion

It’s also great seeing Stephen and Robbie Amell get to play super-powered individuals again in Code 8: Part II. Both actors gained wide recognition for their roles on CW DC shows, with Stephen Amell kicking off the Arrowverse as the Green Arrow himself. Robbie Amell would show up as the earliest version of the hero Firestorm in the show The Flash later on.

Crowdfunding To Success

As always, both Stephen and Robbie Amell brought a lot of passion to Code 8 and Code 8: Part II. The two released a short film for the first Code 8 back in 2016 to ramp up interest and start a funding campaign through Indiegogo. The fundraising campaign was a success and Netflix ended up acquiring the rights for a second film, ensuring that we would get the sequel eventually.

A Refreshing Change From Marvel And DC

Code 8: Part II is already getting great reviews, and it’s safe to say that you’ll probably enjoy it if you enjoyed the first film. Just remember, these films aren’t definitely on the bleaker end of sci-fi, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t enjoyable watches. The premise, performances, and effects all make Code 8 and Code 8: Part II a worthwhile way to spend a couple of hours.

As fun as Marvel and DCU projects can be, it’s definitely nice to get something a bit different in the superhero genre. Even if you’re not a fan of superhero films, the movie sits firmly in the sci-fi/cyberpunk category as well, so it has a pretty broad appeal. Make sure to check out Code 8: Part II streaming on Netflix now.

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