The Bloody Netflix Sci-Fi Epic With A Beloved Marvel Villain

By Christopher Isaac | Published

Beyond Skyline

If you are a big fan of the Marvel cinematic universe, you might get some pleasure out of keeping up with what the actors in the movies do for other roles beyond Marvel. If we are talking the big A-listers like Robert Downey Jr., or Scarlett Johansson, you have probably already stumbled across a fair few of their movies.

More Frank Grillo In Beyond Skyline

But the side characters can pop up in some pretty fun movies, too, including the Captain America: The Winter Soldier villain Crossbones, who Frank Grillo portrayed.

Many fans had been left wanting more of Crossbones before he made his exit from the MCU, and if you are one of them, perhaps you can get some enjoyment out of seeing Grillo in the sci-fi action movie Beyond Skyline.

Alien Invaders

As the name suggests, Beyond Skyline is a movie about alien invaders descending from space to try and take over the Earth. And in a change of pace from Grillo’s role in the MCU, here he is not only a hero but also the protagonist of the movie.

He plays Mark Corley, a police detective from Los Angeles who is trying to forge a stronger relationship with his son, who has started straying down a bad path in life.

Protecting His Family

The invasion interrupts Corley’s plans to figure out how to be a better dad and forces him into fending off the space monsters to try and save his family, his city, and the world.

One thing to bear in mind is that Beyond Skyline is actually a sequel to 2010’s Skyline. The second entry in the series came out in 2017. But if it’s Grillo you are watching for, you can hop right into the second movie, as he is not actually in the first.

Beyond Skyline Reception

In fact, you may want to do that regardless, as Beyond Skyline is actually the best-received entry in the series! The first movie only has a 15% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while the sequel jumps up to 67%. There is also a third entry, Skylines, but that did not get quite as high an approval rating.

The special effects and creature design in Beyond Skyline are also pretty well done, especially for a relatively modest budget for a movie in the action genre. The aliens range in diversity from vaguely humanoid-looking entities to Ridley Scott-esque creatures that crawl along the walls and ceiling, all the way to humongous aliens the size of a T-Rex from Jurassic Park.

Keeping Things Fresh

Beyond Skyline

The varied array of designs for the invading species keeps things fresh compared to a lot of alien movies that depict all members of the alien race as being largely identical.

And a positive thing of note: if Beyond Skyline turns you into a fan of the franchise and leaves you wishing there was even more to enjoy, a fourth movie is actually currently in development.

More Skyline?

Beyond Skyline

Skyline: Warpath is being produced with a planned release for 2025, and will take place between the second and third entries of the series.

So that does kind of give away that Mark Corley is not successful at fully eradicating the aliens in Beyond Skyline, but you can hardly expect one guy to wipe out an invading species on his own.