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The X-Files

X-Files Iconic Theme Is A Complete Accident

While names like Jurassic Park and Star Wars composer John Williams and Dune and Interstellar’s Hans Zimmer may be the …

1 week ago

Jurassic World Dominion

Jurassic World 4 Nabs Netflix Sci-Fi Series Star

Far from being extinct, the Jurassic World films are barrelling ahead with a fourth cinematic entry. This new film is …

3 weeks ago

Hollywood Math No Longer Adds Up

“Hollywood math” isn’t taught in any school, and unlike real mathematics that helps explain our reality, this particular type of …

3 weeks ago


Jurassic World 4 Trying To Get Another Marvel Star

Could another Marvel Cinematic Universe star be making their way to the land of dinos in Jurassic World 4? That …

3 weeks ago

steven spielberg jaws

Steven Spielberg UFO Blockbuster Reteams With Jurassic Park Writer For 2026

Steven Spielberg needs no introduction; the major figure of the New Hollywood is easily the most commercially successful director in …

4 weeks ago

Crime Thriller On Streaming One Of Will Smith’s Most Underrated Films

Today, Will Smith is known for starring in dozens of classic films, with numerous entries making their way into the …

1 month ago

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson Taking Over The Jurassic World Franchise

We recently learned that Scarlett Johansson was in talks to join the upcoming Jurassic World reboot, but The Sun reported …

2 months ago


See How Steven Spielberg Made The Velociraptors In Jurassic Park

These days we take special effects for granted in a lot of ways. It is just easy to think what …

2 months ago

The Sci-Fi Horror Space Epic On Streaming Is A Violent Cult Classic

They say that in space, nobody can hear you scream. Lucky for sci-fi film fans, this isn’t always the case, …

2 months ago

Jurassic World Eyeing Dev Patel For New Lead

According to Hollywood insiders, Dev Patel is being eyed as the lead in the next Jurassic World film, which is …

2 months ago

tapeworm amber

Jurassic Park Is Real, Ancient Creature Found Preserved In Amber Almost 100 Million Years Old

Scientists at the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently published a paper claiming …

2 months ago

predator die hard

Why The Most Overused Movie Trope Is So Aggravating

When action heroes try to breach enemy headquarters, they rely on stealth, intuition, and apparently, air ducts that are so …

2 months ago

Jurassic Park’s Original Plan Was An Entirely Different Director

In an alternate reality, we could watch existing movies made by a different director. Imagine if Stanley Kubrick made A.I. …

3 months ago

Jurassic Park Needs to Go R Rated or Go Away

For Gen Xers and everyone else who loved the original Jurassic Park films from the 90s, news that a reboot …

3 months ago

scarlett johansson

Scarlett Johansson In Talks For Jurassic World 4

Scarlett Johansson is in talks with Universal Pictures to lead the cast of Jurassic World 4, which is tentatively slated for …

3 months ago

Ghostbusters Needs To Go Away, Maybe Forever

With a name as recognizable as Ghostbusters, newcomers to the franchise would probably assume it must have so many great …

3 months ago

steven spielberg john williams

How Steven Spielberg Stopped The Studio From Ruining His Greatest Achievement

Steven Spielberg stood his ground when the studio pushed for him to film Schindler’s List in color instead of black …

3 months ago

scarlett johansson edgar wright the chain

Scarlett Johansson Joining Another Mega Blockbuster Sci-Fi Franchise?

It would seem that the Jurassic World franchise is starting to pick up some steam after securing Gareth Edwards as …

3 months ago

Jurassic World Needs To Go Back To Jurassic Park Sci-Fi Roots

The Jurassic World films have been entertaining in their own way, but the franchise has gotten further from its roots …

3 months ago

tasmanian tiger

Tasmanian Tiger Being Brought Back From Extinction

Given current scientific advancements in the field of medicine and bioengineering, it’s only a matter of time before the premise …

4 months ago

Disney Dinosaurs Invade Jurassic Park, See The Hilarious Mashup In Action

When you think of the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, you probably picture how truly terrifying they could be. To this …

4 months ago

jurassic world: dominion

Jurassic World 4 Gets The Best Possible Director

Whether you really wanted it or not, another Jurassic World film is on the way. And after The Fall Guy’s …

4 months ago

Jurassic World 4 Loses Director, Is It Getting Canceled?

In an unseen turn of events, David Leitch, director of the Jurassic World franchise, walks away from negotiations to helm …

4 months ago

Robot Dinosaurs Unleashed In Wild Experiment

In a move that combines two of Michael Crichton’s greatest works, scientists have released robot dinosaurs into the wild for …

5 months ago

jurassic world dominion

Jurassic World Sequel Fast-Tracked, Jurassic Park Writer Returning Is The Best Part

Universal has been raking in the big bucks with its Jurassic World franchise, and now The Hollywood Reporter has reported …

5 months ago

Jurassic Park Fans Continue To Debate One Frustrating Plot Hole

30 years after Jurassic Park initially captured our hearts, minds, and imaginations, fans are still at odds with each other …

5 months ago

James Cameron’s Jurassic Park Is An R-Rated Dream Come True

What if James Cameron directed Jurassic Park instead of Steven Spielberg? It’s a reality that almost happened, and although it …

5 months ago

Jurassic Park: The T-Rex Shivers And 9 More Things You Didn’t Know

Jurassic Park, all three movies no less, arrived on Blu-ray for the first time this week.

7 months ago

Extinct Predator Being Resurrected, Jurassic Park Becoming Real?

Earth.com reports that the Tasmanian tiger, an animal that has been recorded as extinct since 1936, has the potential to …

9 months ago

jurassic park

Jurassic Park Makes Over A Million Dollars In One Weekend

Jurassic Park just made over a million dollars in one weekend. And no, you didn’t somehow miss the release of …

10 months ago