Jurassic World 4 Nabs Netflix Sci-Fi Series Star

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Jurassic World Dominion

Far from being extinct, the Jurassic World films are barrelling ahead with a fourth cinematic entry. This new film is going to bring in some new talent, and the latest addition has us quite excited. Jurassic Park 4 has nabbed Luna Blaise, the Netflix star best known for starring in the TV show Manifest.

Out With The Old, In With The New

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If you haven’t been keeping track, Jurassic World 4 has been developing quite the cast. Luna Blaise is merely the latest high-profile casting choice for a film that includes big names like Scarlett Johansson and Mahershala Ali. All of this new blood is that much more important because the franchise has now lost all of the faces (new and old) that made it so famous.

For better or for worse, Jurassic World 4 will not star Chris Pratt or Bryce Dallas Howard, the two leads who anchored the previous trilogy of films. Additionally, the next movie will not star Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, or Sam Neill, the trio of Jurassic Park alumni who helped end the previous film with a bang. With all of these familiar faces out of the picture, new faces like Luna Blaise are needed to really shake things up.

From Manifest To Jurassic World

Of course, “new” is relative: she may be new to Jurassic World 4, but Luna Blaise is very familiar to Netflix fans. In Manifest, she starred in four seasons opposite Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh, and the series quickly became a hit among sci-fi fans and critics alike. To that point, it was nominated for Best Science Fiction TV Series at the 45th Saturn Awards in 2019.

Other Notable Past Work

Even if you haven’t watched that show, though, there are decent odds that you have seen the latest Jurassic World 4 star in other productions. In addition to her memorable performance in the TV series Fresh Off the Boat, she also appeared in a film adaptation of the novel Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. Most recently, Luna Blaise starred as the lead of Deltopia, a movie where she portrays the struggles of a young girl on the cusp of maturity.

Acing The Audition

We don’t yet know the exact role she is playing in Jurassic World 4, but we do know that Luna Blaise had to rock some serious acting chops just to get the job. Notably, the other big stars mentioned earlier were directly offered roles, meaning they didn’t have to compete against other actors. 

Blaise, however, had to audition. Apparently, she had plenty of competition from other young actors, most of whom appreciated how appearing as the younger character in one of this franchise’s films could potentially transform their careers.

Clock Is Ticking

Jurassic World

While Jurassic World 4 has a great cast, it will be interesting to see whether Luna Blaise and her new costars will be able to deliver a major summer blockbuster in the limited time they have. Universal and Amblin Entertainment have given this film a firm release date of July 2, 2025, meaning the studio’s cast and crew have only a little over a year to hit theaters. Here’s hoping it successfully revitalizes this franchise or fans may spend decades debating that classic question of what really killed the dinosaurs.

Source: Deadline