Marvel Bringing Abandoned Supernatural Team In To Save The MCU

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After building a universe founded mostly in sci-fi elements involving futuristic science and space aliens, Marvel Studios appears to be spurring the MCU in a more mystical direction. Rumors are swirling about Marvel developing a Midnight Sons film. In the comics, this group of supernatural superheroes is comprised of monsters and monster hunters who work together to take out the Goddess of the Underworld, Lilith, and her children, the Lilin.

The 90s Midnight Suns

Speculation surrounding this eerie ensemble first emerged on February 13, when industry insider MyTimeToShineHello teased the project on Twitter, igniting excitement among fans and industry watchers alike. Speculation grew stronger on February 21st when another prominent scooper, Daniel ‘DanielRPK’ Richtman, corroborated the Marvel Midnight Sons rumors, shedding light on the creative direction of the purported film.

No Doctor Strange?

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Richtman hinted that Marvel’s Midnight Sons would feature characters distinct from those of the Avengers, suggesting a departure from the traditional superhero lineup. Notably, Richtman indicated that Doctor Strange, a pivotal figure in the team’s comic book origins, is “unlikely” to be part of the cinematic roster. This detail alone marks a major divergence from the source material, as Doctor Strange is the character who originally gathers the misfit group of supernatural superheroes in the first place.

Debuted in 1992

Marvel Comics first introduced the Midnight Sons in 1992’s Ghost Rider Vol. 3 #31. Led by Doctor Strange, the original lineup included Ghost Riders Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch, Morbius, Blade, and others, assembled to combat the demonic forces threatening Earth. Over the years, the Midnight Sons concept has evolved, with different iterations and members joining forces for various supernatural challenges.

The Supernatural Corner Of The MCU

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In the cinematic realm, Marvel Studios has been expanding its roster of characters and storylines, exploring diverse corners of the Marvel universe. The MCU potentially including the Midnight Sons in its expanding universe suggests a departure from the familiar Avengers-centric narratives, offering audiences a fresh perspective on the supernatural elements within the cinematic universe. Perhaps Marvel is hoping that this fresh direction is exactly what audiences need to become interested in the MCU once more.

A Potential MCU Lineup

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While specific details about the film’s lineup remain undisclosed, we can only speculate on which characters Marvel might feature in the Midnight Sons team. Given their comic book history and MCU appearances, characters like Blade, Moon Knight, and Wong are strong contenders for inclusion. However, uncertainties loom over characters like Iron Fist and Nico Minoru, whose previous MCU outings have been relatively subdued.

Marvel Trying To Find A New Direction

The rumors that Marvel is developing a Midnight Sons movie come at a time when the MCU is working hard to expand storytelling opportunities. It feels like Marvel is trying to find its footing after completing the Thanos saga, and it is exploring diverse genres and narratives to find what resonates with audiences the most. By playing with Marvel’s mystical elements, the MCU may open doors to captivating new storylines and character dynamics never before seen on screen.

Underrated Fan Favorites


As of now, we can only wait for an official Marvel confirmation that Midnight Sons is happening. But for those who’ve read the comics, the prospect of a Midnight Sons movie is an exciting possibility that has the potential of reviving the MCU and showcasing new thrilling adventures and supernatural showdowns on the big screen.

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